#216 – Chic 2

When I take photos, I get so excited about what I am about to blog that I can nearly see what I will write about each product in my head. But usually there is a couple of days between picture taking and the writing of the actual blog that all inspiration goes out the window! And anything i do try to say just sounds crap! But yeh I really liked this dress when I took this picture and I think you should go buy it… simple? xD

Chic 2 Birthday Event

Hair: Wasabi Pills // Anais 2 // Rouge
Skin: Izzies // Delusional // Sunkissed
EyesFateEyes @ Marketplace
Nails:Leverocci // Round Nails // Teal Plain
Lashes: Beetlebones
Dress: Koteka // Sara Dress // Black // CHIC 2
Shoes: Pixel Mode // Luna
Pose: Exposeur // Blissful Pack

As always – SLURLS + Store Owners names are available here