Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

–I do not consider myself to be a good blogger, I just blog what I like, when I like, so I asked on my plurk one day, what would be good tips for new bloggers and received a wonderful response so I am typing them up here!
–Thank you to everyone on my plurk for their help :~)

–Don’t forget, that no one owes you anything. It’s your blog, not theirs.
–Be organised!
–If you are getting into blogging for the free stuff, don’t even bother. When I started blogging, I didnt even know you COULD get free stuff, I did it cause it was fun :~)
–Long posts can be off-putting – find the balance between pictures and text!
–Have somewhere on your blog about your review policy; who do you blog for, how much do you photoshop your pictures etc, do you accept review copies
— Blogging is meant to be fun, don’t let anyone get you stressed!
— Create your own unique style, just because you do it differently from other “well-known” bloggers does not mean its wrong!
–Get to know another bloggers, read feeds, join inworld groups, be part of the community! We’re always here ready to help and read and swoon over your lovely pictures
–if you ARE on social networking sites, LIST THEM. Tell people where to contact
–This includes; Facebook, inworld, email, plurk, twitter, tumblr etc

–Keep your layout clean and to the point – don’t distract people with too many widgets or they’ll forget the reason they came to view your blog
–Do not have a blog with white text on a dark background – its a nightmare on the eyes
–Keep the font readable! (Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana are perfect!) but by all means use fancy text in your header or logo!

–Resize your photos so they stay within the limits of your blog
–Keep photo size in mind when applying to feeds, it might look ok in your blog but it might look terrible on a feed – they can “break” the layout of the feed
–Anti-Alias your pictures! This smooths out the edges and helps get rid of that jagged look
–Experiment with windlight! (I will list sources for windlight settings + tutorials below)

–Don’t forget to credit. Even if you use the same skin over and over again, someone might be viewing your blog for the first time
–Credit stores with the full name of the store, not everyone will know the abbreviations
–Credit your poses! Creators work very hard on creating them

Review Copies
 –Do NOT spam designers will NC’s about review copies if they do not specify about them.
–Check if a designer specifies in their profile about bloggers and what the correct way to contact them
–If a designer says they do not want bloggers, don’t ask. You’ll just annoy them lol
–If you do ask for review copies, be specific
–And if you are lucky enough to get review copies, blog them ASAP and let the designer know they’ve been blogged
–Don’t forget to credit yourself! Designers do like to read blogs and if they like your blog, and want to send you items, but they cannot find your name anywhere on the blog (full inworld name – not display name) they can’t send you items!

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17 thoughts on “Blogging Tips

  1. Thanks :~) Couldnt have done it without all the great people on my timeline! Even typing them out I was like “ohhh I should do that” LOL everyone can learn right? 😀

  2. HOORAH! I love this!!!! ❤ I think you covered every one of my pet peeves right there! I have a blogger policy in my pics, it's the first pic… yet so many miss it LOL I make poses… and sadly not everyone credits them, makes me sad especially when they are review copies! Believe me when I tell you that those bloggers never get another review copy of anything from me after that!

    I love love love when bloggers let me know that they've used something I've created in one of their posts… I love seeing how different people put things together, their own interpretation of what I make, and it's awesome!

    LOL OMG growing trend of seeing :+:SS:+: listed instead of my full store name… why? and do people not realise just how many stores have the initials SS???

    This is a really great post, thank you!

    ❤ Faery

    • ooh here’s a good one: someone on plurk mentioned today that bloggers should add their full name to their blog so that when creators are searching for bloggers they like the style of they know who to contact in world to send them stuff. Simple thing, makes sense… surprising how many people don’t do that though >.< I know I hit flickr and the feeds on occasion to see who's doing what… doesn't have to be a well known person but might just have a style that I like 😉

      • Ohhh yes.. Think it was sanura that said that? I added it under the review items section 😀 ty!!

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  4. Thank you for posting this. As a new Blogger it’s always nice to get some tips, and like you said some people might have blogged about it , but it’s nice to bring it up again, and someone might be reading your blog but doesn’t know about the others. It’s all about letting the others know. I really appreciate when Bloggers share information to help others out. Great Job. 😉

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  6. Hi girls, sorry i am asking here and maybe asking a stupid question but honestly i keep reading and reading and reading and of corse trying NOTHING work, maybe i do something wrong or maybe I HAVE NO IDEEA HOW THIS WORKING, made a blog……. and now i just wanna share my blog to a fashion feed … can anyone please tell me how i can do this?? ( i applied to that feed and they accept my blog) thank u so much in advance ❤

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