Customer Service 101

For Customers:

Remember that store owners have lives away from the computer, and even though you would love for them to reply to your message within minutes, remember that this is not possible, and should not be expected.
Before Contacting a Designer
– Look at a designers profile to see the best way to contact them. Usually this can be found in the “Picks” section of their profile. If it says NC them, NC them, if it says email / IM  then, then please do so.
– Sometimes store owners have Customer Service Representatives or Managers to deal with customer related issues, therefore, NC/IM should be sent to them instead. They should be able to help you out or refer your query to the Store Owner.
– Do not send multiple messages to a store owner. Do NOT spam store owners, this is quite frankly rude, and will not make the store owner want to help you
– Before you contact the designer consider these points:
1. What exactly is wrong with your purchase?
2. Is it an accidental purchase? Did you click the wrong color option?
3. Is it an SL glitch? A refund may not be offered but help and assistance should be provided to fix it
4. If there is something wrong with the product, explain concisely what is wrong
– When you are contacting a store owner don’t send an IM with just “Hi” or “Hello can you help me”. List your name, problem and the transaction history of your purchase.
– Sometimes messages get capped, if you haven’t heard back within a couple of days, send the message again politely explaining, don’t get annoyed that they haven’t replied. They might just not have gotten your message.
–If you have purchased from marketplace, and the item has not been delivered to you, check your account history (sign in –> my marketplace –> my account –> order history). This will either tell you if the item has failed to deliver, which then your money will be CREDITED back to you, or if the item is just delayed.
– Check marketplace listings carefully before you buy (and the reviews too), refunds cannot be given cause you did not read!
– If you do buy from marketplace, DO NOT DECLINE the item when it loads in your SL viewer.

For Store Owners:

– It doesn’t matter if you are a new store, or a fully established one, your customers are why you are so successful in SL. Without them, you would have nothing so don’t forget
– Not everyone is going to try and scam you. The majority of people genuinely need your help
– Yes there are going to be some people out there who will be rude and unappreciative, but that does not mean you get to be the same back.
– Also their first language may not be English, or whatever language you speak, so patience is a virtue with language barriers
– One thing I don’t get is (and it seems a lot of other people don’t get either) is why some store owners are so rude in their profiles about customer service, this makes some customers wary in asking for your help or even buying from your store again

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