#219 Stellar

I usually blog alot earlier than this during the day, but my really bad sleeping schedule that ive had recently has finally caught up on me and i slept for about 7 hours during today. So sorry that Im a bit late with this one! I really loved this dress since it was released (pretty much love all of Lexi’s store). I dont wear an awful lot of dresses IRL because I dont feel like I have the figure to wear them, but in SL dresses are my obsession! This dress is in the shade “pink”  but there are 4 different colors you can choose from.


Hair: Elikatira // Return // Firey Reds
Skin: Glam Affair // Mia Natural // Disco B @ Collabor88
EyesFateEyes @ Marketplace
Lashes: Beetlebones
Dress: Stellar // Southern Comfort Sundress // Pink
Pose: !bang – 106 (I think ive used this pose about 10 times before but it really is one of my all time favorite poses)


As always – SLURLS + Store Owners names are available here

#205 Atooly

I am not one for wearing a lot of scarves on Second Life. Mainly because I can never get them to freaking fit! But that is what I like about this scarf from Atooly cause it fits pretty damn well! And yeh Im wearing this hair from Magika again because its to freaking cute! The skirt is an awesomely adorable skirt from Stellar, which ive been meaning to blog for like forever! But better late than never right?

As always – SLURLS + Store Owners names are available here


Hair: Magika // Whimsical // MESH
SkinIzzie’s // Delusional // Sunkissed // SKIN ADDICTION EVENT
EyesFateEyes @ Marketplace
Nails: Leverocci // Round Nails // Teal Plain
Top: Atooly // Basic Tank // Blue
Scarf: Atooly // Abby Scarf // Blue
Skirt: Stellar // Denim Mesh Mini Skirt // Black


I am at blog post #199? How freaking incredible is that!


The weather has been incredibly the past couple of days where I live! Even though I do not live by the beach (boo) or is it actually warm enough to put on swimwear.. nothing like that stops me in SL! This tankini set from Stellar is right up my street! The top is not too revealing and neither are the bottoms. Cause as in RL, I don’t like skimpy clothes in SL (though this will change in another blog post for a skin blog hehe). Orange seems to be my fave color this season – I have already shown you the dress from E! in orange (well tangerine) and now this tankini set!
Anyway – credits: (as usual slurls and store owners can be found here)

Hair: Elikatera // With // Firey Reds

Tankini – Stellar // Stripped Tankini // Orange