#81. This week @ Sour Pickles

These are the newest things to be released by Sour Pickles for this weeks upcoming events :~) All descriptions taken from NCs!!!

Its On Sale – ONLY 50L


“*Savor your sweet tooth through this Tempation Tray. For a mere 16 prims, induldge in pastrys galor. This is the perfect table topper and perfect social piece.”

Monday Mania – ONLY 10L


*Show your festive spirit with these shopping bags. Five bags are included in the frenzy: Noel, Mouse and Snowman, Santa, Cottege in Forrest and Buggy and Cottage bags. 3 prims each, copy and mod.

Fifty5 Thursday Item – ONLY 55L

Bah Humbug! Enjoy this double snaked biten piercing, connected by a chain that is matched with a gentle santa hat. This is a copy and modify piercing.



Quarantine: A Postapocalyptic Dec 1-31

(its the hat)
Broken Resolutions Hunt Dec 1-31


Letters From Santa Dec 3- Jan 1

Twisted Krissmus December 9- 31


#75. Sour Pickles

Sour Pickles have a few new items out this week :~) And there are plenty of new items to be released + they have a new hunt starting December 1st. I will update this blog as soon as there is more information πŸ˜€

1. Monday Mania

*Who says tea time is jut for kids?! This Adult Tea Time comes with so many features. For a mere 83 prims, you get a tea pot that when clicked gets a cup of tea and plate. When you click the treat tray you get tasty yummys to eat. The set comes with 4 chairs that each have a custom sitting while sipping animation. (taken from NC)

sp_020FINAL copy

2. Fifty5 Thursday


*Stay cool in the winter time with this necklace. Featured around your neck in this tiny glass jar, is a scene of the sun, umbrella, beach chair and two beach balls on a bed of sand. This necklace attaches to the spine, and is copy and modify.

Really think this necklace is cuuuuuute πŸ˜€

#70 Somnia + American Bazaar

Was given some store credit in Somnia (woo!) and I admit I went a little mad (hah!) All the stuff is sooo cheap I couldnt believe how much I got for the credit I was given! Thank you πŸ˜€ I got these tops in all the colors and these crop pants (or Tweed Waders – such a fun name)


its something ridiculous like less than $200L for the fat packs. I just kept buying. Also bought a skybox + some piercings that I may blog later. WHy do I get furniture and skyboxes when I quite clearly dont have anywhere to live? haha xD (anyone wanna donate me some land? *puppy dog eyes* Poses are from Croire :~)

Next up is American Bazaar and 2 of their hunts that they are participating in. First up is the Kawaii Hunt and their hunt gift is SO SO SO CUTE. I mean I LOVE IT

American Bazaar (Kawaii Hunt)

Some of the American Bazaar stuff is too revealing for my personal taste but this is something that I love ❀

Their next item is actually something else that I would wear :~) Its for the Candy Cane Hunt

American Bazaar (Candy cane Hunt)

enjoy πŸ˜€

Both poses are from E.ink :~)

Also since I posted about the Candy Cane Fair yesterday Sour Pickles have now joined it πŸ™‚


This is their booth and here is the tp :~)

#68. Sour Pickles

So many new items from Sour Pickles this week!! Literally so many new items for events and hunt :~) We shall start off with the hunts then move to the events! :~)

1. Kawaii Hunt

Sour Pickles (Kawaii Hunt)

Toast Necklaces: Sour Pickles (Kawaii Hunt). These cute necklaces come in 3 colors (pink, mint and purple) The hunt runs from November 21st-December 21st

2. Couch Potato Hunt

Sour Pickles (Couch Potato Hunt)

This hunt runs from November 15th-December 15th. You get both chairs, bird painting, side table books and the candle.

3. Anime Hunt

Sour Pickles (Anime Hunt)

This hunt runs from November 15th – December 15th and it is definately one of my fave items released this week ;~) Show your love for Anime with this cute piercing. :~)

4. Twilight Saga Hunt

Sour Pickles (Twilight Saga Hunt Gift)

In honor of the new Twilight Movie out (which I havent seen it!! Jasper <3) There is a twilight hunt running from Nov 15th till December 15th and you get this awesome bedroom set with the shelf and picture frames included :~) (Quite Ironic since Vampires dont sleep but ssssh its still an awesome gift :~P)

Ok and now onto the weekly events πŸ˜€

1. Its on Sale

Sour Pickles - (Its on Sale)

For Its on Sale this week Sour Pickles have released these awesome shaldes that come in 7 different colors (white, lime, purple, red, yellow, orange, blue) The best thing about these glasses are that they are resizable!! Because my shape seems to be the most awkward of them all and its hard for things to fit). 50L as well so not bad!!!

2. Monday Mania

Sour Pickles (Monday Mania)

This little house is sooo cute and tiny perfect for a smallish avi like mine :~P. Only 30 prims as well which is really handy (copy/mod) and its also only 50L

#66. Seraphim Gifts Gifts Gifts!!

Blogged about Seraphim once before (here) and they have really outdone themselves this time. They have managed to get together nearly 50 of the best designers in SL to give away free gifts to members of their group. So all you have to do is TP to the SeraphimHQ on the Depraved Nation Sim, join the group, activate your tag if you already have it… and get clicking!! This is a purely fashion / pose based post but they have so much more! Shoes, vehicles, furniture etc! (If I had a house i would show those but I unfortunately dont :~() Im not kidding I nearly took one of everything (including the furniture stuff – incase I ever do get an SL house again xD) sb_0132FINAL
Hair: Truth // Kelsey
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale // Bare
Outfit: LMD // Seraphim Winter Gift // FREE
Boots: *Lightstar // CozyBoots // purple Stars
btw arent these boots so AMAZING. They are a wee bit pricy ($450) but you can wear them in like so many different ways and I believe they are now tintable too :~) Ive had these boots since last year and I still love them!!!

Left to right:
1. Hair: Truth // Kelsey
Top: [bubble] SeraphimTank Top // V3 // SERAPHIM GIFT (free)
2. Hair: Truth // Allegra
Top: [bubble] SeraphimTank Top // V2 // SERAPHIM GIFT (free)
3. Hair: Truth // Diana
Top: [bubble] SeraphimTank Top // V1 // SERAPHIM GIFT (free)
Mouth Chain: Sour Pickles // Cleaver Clover Chain
Glasses: Solar Eyewear // Atria
Tattoo: little Pricks // Tell me a story //
Jeans: [lessthanthree]
Pose: Magnifique – Runway Model Poses // SERAPHIM GIFT (free)
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale // Bare
Hair: Truth // Ann
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Fable // Januari
Top: Razorblade jacket // Seraphim HQ Promo Half Tank // SERAPHIM GIFT (free)
Leggings: *Anymore // Destroyed leggings // Violet
Pose: STaTUS// Emo Moods 5 Pose Set // Seraphim Gift (free)
Left: Hair: Truth // Ann
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Fable // Januari
Top: Somnia // Seraphim Tanks // Purple // SERAPHIM GIFT (free)
Leggings: TuttiFrutti Letter Soup Low Leggings // SERAPHIM GIFT (free)
Pose: STaTUS Emo Moods 5 Pose Set // Seraphim Gift (free)

Right: Hair: Truth // Ann
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Fable // Januari
Top: Somnia // Seraphim Tanks // Teal // SERAPHIM GIFT (free)
Leggings: TuttiFrutti Letter Soup Low Leggings // SERAPHIM GIFT (free)
Pose: STaTUS //Emo Moods 5 Pose Set // Seraphim Gift (free)

#62. Very Important Hunters Hunt

Did half of the Very Important Hunters Hunt today and wanted to showcase some of the items that you can get from this event :~)


Sofa: Sour Pickles: Splash of Color Couch //VERY IMPORTANT HUNTERS HUNT (free) – comes with 4 different sitting animations


Left Picture:
Hair: Truth // Florence
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Fable // Januari
Shoes: UBU// Pornstar // Lo-Tops
Top + jeans: Lil Blitz // Got Swag // VERY IMPORTANT HUNTERS HUNT (free)

Right Picture:
Hair: Truth // Florence
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Fable // Januari
Shoes: UBU// Pornstar // Lo-Tops
Jeans: Spearsong // Lowrise Jeans // Black
Top: Razorblade Jacket // Gobble T-Shirt // VERY IMPORTANT HUNTERS HUNT (free)


Skins: Plastik // Aleria // Nightbringers Breath // VERY IMPORTANT HUNTERS HUNT (free)
– also comes with freakles (light and heavy), cleavage, makeup and lip options!


Hair: Truth
Skin: Plastik
Outfit: American Bazaar // Nasty Top + Trish legings // VERY IMPORTANT HUNTERS HUNT (free)


#58. Sour Pickles + Flirt

These are the items that Sour Pickles have released from upcoming events. Now, I have never blogged these events before so for all of us (myself included) I will include the description of the event + and landmark so that its more easily accessible.

1. Would like to make a really geeky statement. I LOVE pokemon. There. Done. Said. So when I realised that one of the gifts this week was a pokemon card table I was nerdily happy :~P. Gift comes with 2x chairs, wearable cards, the table and an extra card stack for the table. Not bad for 50L eh?
Join the Fifty 5 Thursday group

Sour Pickles

2.Monday Mania Item
This neko frirendly bed offers the luxjury of home to any furry friend. The bed is 6 prims, and comes with cat food and tray, that is 3 prims. The bed itsels is texture changeable, click to change and comes with 8 choices for the pillows and bed frame. Taken from the Sour Pickles NC

Sour Pickles

SLURL for item

3. Finally is this really cute necklace for your mouth in ivory! Its part of the Its On Sale Event for Only 50L (Nov 13-19)
Sour Pickles

Hair: Truth // Cady // Walnut
Skin: Imabee: Stigma // Umeko // Cotton Candy
Mouth Necklace: Sour Pickles // Nom Nom Pearls // Ivory
Eyeliner: Flirt – Colored Eye Liners – Purple *NEW*

#56. The Dirty Turkey Hunt

Few of the last items from the Dirty Turkey Hunt!! Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

The Dirty Turkey Hunt

Hair: Truth // Bonnie // Auburn

Necklace: Sour Pickles // Friendship Bear Necklace // Magenta
Outfit: Lil Blitz // THE DIRTY TURKEY HUNT (free)

The Dirty Turkey Hunt

Hair: Truth // Cady // Walnut
Outfit: Evil Bunneh // Dirty Turkey // THE DIRTY TURKEY HUNT (free)
Shoes: UBU Pornstar Lo-Tops
Necklace: Sour Pickles // Friendship Bear Necklace (Cyan)
Eyeliner: Flirt // Color me Black Eyeliner NEW

UPDATE: APPARENTLY this skin is not part of the hunt. Blah. Oh wellΒ Β Dunno how I made that mistake

#33. Sour Pickles (Twist of Fruit)

I hate having a couple of days that I cannot log into SL! I get every notice and im stuff sent to my email but knowing that all the great offers are there waiting to me is very annoying! Again while I catch up on everything here is a few items from the Sour Pickles Hunts

Sour Pickles (Plastik)

Hair: Truth // Milla // Blood
Skin: Illusory // Page // Deep-tan // Winter
Make-up: Flirt // Eyeliner 4
Dress: Plastik // Courtesan // Keewee // Twist of Fruit // FREE

Sour Pickles (Fuzion Fashion)

Hair: Truth // Milla // Blood
Skin: Illusory // Paige // Deep-tan // Winter
Make-up: Flirt // Sexy Eyeliners // Eyeliner
Outfit: Fushia Top and Bottoms // Fuzion Fashion // Twist of Fruit // free

Sour Pickles (Razorblade Jacket)

Hair: Truth // Milla // Blood
Skin: Illusory // Paige // Deep-tan // Winter
Make-up: Flirt // Sexy Eyeliners // Eyeliner 4
Top: =Razorblade Jacket= Twist of Fruit // free

#29. Sour Pickles & American Bazaar

Well havent done Β alot of hunt stuff in the last couple of weeks so got a post full of that today!! Sour Pickles are doing a twist of fruits hunt and I must say the items from this hunt are really great! High quality.. the usual. Expect more posts over the next couple of days!! (Actually got a post from Flirt Comestics happening tomorrow :)) and following this a new hunt item from American Bazaar for the For the love of…. hunt that starts today (October 10th)

AlterEgo (Sour Pickles Hunt)

Hair: Maitreya // Lotus // Almond
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale // Bare // Pout
Dresses: AlterEgo // Dolled Up (peach and grape) // Twist of Fruit Hunt gift – FREE

Sour Pickles (DivaLicious)

you might want to click on the picture to see the full thing – the picture is too big for the layout of this blog :/

Hair: Lamb // heart // restaurant Ketchup
Skin: Plastik // lionheart // tale // bare// pout
Outfit:*DivaLicious* // Twist of Fruit // Free

Sour Pickles (Segundo)

Hair: Truth // Ann // Blood
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale // Bare
Outfit: Segundo // Twist of Fruit Hunt // FREE

[American Bazaar Item]

American Bazaar

Hair: Truth // Florence 2 // Ivory
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale // Pout
Outfit: [American Bazaar] CindyNipple Dress // White