#92. Retro + Christmas Hunt

Going to try out a new feature on this blog :~) Each week, on a day (day yet to be picked!) I will pick a store that I like. Whatever hunts these stores are part of I will try to find the prizes in that store and will blog those prizes.  The idea for this post was cause I saw some prizes from the store Retro’ and I really liked them so thought instead of blogging different stores from one hunt I would blog the same store thats in multiple hunts :~D

Anyway.. you can see my posts that I have already written about retro’ here and here are 2 more items :~)

Retro' (Simply Winter Hunt)

Hair: Burley // Babs
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale
Eyeliner: Flirt
Dress: Retro‘ // SIMPLY WINTER HUNT (free)
Pose: Teapi // Pack 5

Retro' (Save the World Hunt)

Hair: Burley // Babs
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale
Cold Nose: Croire // Icicle Eyeshadow and Ruddy Nose // CHRISTMAS HUNT 2 (free)
Glasses: Solar Eyewear
Top: Retro‘ // SAVE THE WORLD HUNT (free)
Jeans: Emo Denims
Pose: Teapi // Pack 5

This last post is just one last picture from the Christmas Hunt :~)


Razorblade Jacket (Christmas Hunt 2)

Hair: Burley // Babs
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale
Top: Razorblade Jacket // CHRISTMAS HUNT 2
Jeans: Emo Denim
Boots: Kboots
Pose: Teapi // Pack 5