#408 Disco


Don’t you love it when two unrelated creators released two different items for two different events that just GO SO WELL TOGETHER? That is how I felt this weekend when the Arcade Gacha Event + The Whore Couture Fair (unfortunate name) started. The Secret Store have released these awesome retro Roller Skates for the Arcade and Sakide’s release for the WCF are these awesome Disco Shorts. I couldn’t help but wear them together! Doesn’t help that I’ve had this song in my head ever since.

Hair: Truth // Video Games // Red // at the Arcade
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America
Hands: Slink
Top: Artilleri // Marcy Top // Pink
Shorts: Sakide // Disco Fever Shorts // WCF
Skates: The Secret Store // Vintage Roller Skates // Blue Neon // at the Arcade
Pose: Focus Poses
Location: Artilleri Main Store


Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤

#381 Jack or Jill Hunt

What? Jack or Jill Hunt
Starting Point? Razorblade Jacket
When? February 1st –
Who? This event is GRIDEWIDE therefore lots of stores!
How Much? Best kind of hunt = FREE!
Blog: here

Jack or Jill Hunt

It is that time of year for the Depraved Jack or Jill Hunt – 100 stores split over 2 different paths (Male or Female) means that there is something for everyone ❤ I love this mesh outfit from Sakide – comes in both light or dark colours and would be perfect for suiting up

Hair: Elikatira // Balance // Red 10
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer // Valencia
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer // Beatrice
Hands: Slink
Outfit: Sakide // Lady Tuxx Pants + Vest // Jack or Jill Hunt (FREE)
Shoes: G Field // Bow Strap Shoes // Kate // Black
Pose: Exposeur
Location: Lane Stop Station

Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤

#364 Cool Beans

Cool Beans

I love finding new places to take photographs and I was so excited to stumble across the Cool Beans Coffee Shop this afternoon. Its a great place to take photos at!

Hair: Exile // Stay The Night // Maraschino
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America Clean Red
Top: Sakide // Spencer Lace Shirt // White
Skirt: Sakie // French Touch Skirt // Wine
Shoes: LaRoo // Sparta Pumps
Pose: Adorkable Poses // Retro
Place: Cool Beans Coffee Shop

Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤

#336 Diesel Works and Sakide

I really had no idea how I was going to photograph this prop from Diesel Works… it didnt seem quite right to take a picture up against a blank screen… so off was the hunt to get a nice sim.


Skin: Al Vulo // Eleonor // Sunkissed
Dress: Sakide // Vintage Glam Dress // Perfect Wardrobe
Tights: Izzies // Black Tights
Boots: Slink // Relax Boots // Black
Pose / Prop: Diesel Works // Nightingale’s  Glee
Location: Mysterious Wave

#282 Bent

Fair is a new monthly event run by the same people that brought you Vintage Fair and Culture Shock (so you can be guaranteed awesome designers). For this round BENT has released this awesome pose prop and I couldnt resist trying it out … hope you like!

..chic website

Bent for Fair

Pose Prop: BENT. Cirque Dreams for Fair
Hair: Truth // Stevie // Cherry
Skin: -Belleza- Shyla Med 0
Corset: Plastik // Mechanika Corsets // Bordello
Underwear: [ SAKIDE ] Lingerie Panties Black
Feet: Slink // Bare feet Rigged


#256 Fashion Voodoo – 4 days to go!

Fashion Voodoo is a fashion event run by the Depraved Nation Team and it runs from August 10th – August 30th. Some pretty awesome stores are included in this event including one of my faves, Sakide! Swear that store is in like EVERY event going. Its nut’s but also pretty awesome.

.. also took this notion that this picture HAD to be taken on location away from the comfort of my usual sky platform and ya know what? It was a PAIN. The photo turned out great but I swear I dont think I have the patience for doing this in every blog post ( Respect for those that do that! Yall are better bloggers than me <3).

Also.. gotta mention Glitterati is having a 100l Sale.. all poses are 100L. EVEN PROPS… if you are like me and photography props are usually out of your price range then get down there now and snap them up! New SLURL too so book mark it

Fashion Voodoo

Hair: [elikatira] Control – Firey Reds
Skin: Glam Affair // Leah // MedTan
Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Classy Skull Dresses Black // available August 10th at Fashion Voodoo
Shoes: Pixel Mode // Luna // Black
Pose: Glitterati

#240 Quarantine

Following on, and feeding my corset addiction, Quarantine has released a LOT of lovely underbust mesh corsets for the next round of  Zombie Popcorn Brand. Now, I am not brave enough (and I never will be I guess) to go topless to wear these but I think theyre look pretty just the same <3. The next round of ZP starts 21st July (Saturday) and this is the slurl. Anyway there are several different colors – and each color comes in lots of different patterns.

Decided to mix it up from my usual red hair and have “Aquatic” hair for this picture! Skirt is from Sakide and had to mix and match alphas with this one (using the alpha from the Aura boho mesh skirts) because the one that came with the skirt did not work well with this pose!


Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ // Claire Mesh Hair // Aquatic
Skin: -Glam Affair- // Roza // Summer 01
Earrings: [Atomic] // Endearing Earings // Silver
Top: Kyoot // Soft Heart Cropped Top // White
Corset: – Quarantine – // Temptress Mesh Corset // Dots // Purple
Skirt: [ SAKIDE ]// Long Lace Skirt // Black
Pose: !BANG

#222 Depraved Summer Love Hunt

What? Depraved Summer Love Hunt
Starting Point? Razorblade Jacket
When? June 15 – July 15th
Who? This event is GRIDEWIDE therefore lots of stores!
How Much? Best kind of hunt = FREE!
Blog (with hints): here

The Depraved Nation Hunts are definately one of my fave hunts out there! Didnt get to blog the last one though cause it was right in the middle of school deadlines but the newest hunt started yesterday! Now I havent finished the hunt yet so there are only a couple of pictures right now but the top from Bubble and the outfit was Sakide are so CUTE! (yall already know about my crush on Sakide hah)

Depraved Summer Love Hunt

Hair: Wasabi Pills // Anais 2 // Rouge
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Top: [bubble] // Summer Jammy (DSL HUNT – FREE) *comes with shorts but not worn*
Shorts: Mon Tissu // Ginger // Bouquet
Pose: Adorkable // Chill

Depraved Summer Love Hunt

Hair: Ploom // Flint
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Outfit: Sakide // Grungy Summer Outfits // (DSL HUNT – FREE) *also comes in white*
Pose: Glitterati

As always – SLURLS + Store Owners names are available here

#206 Mesh Around Hunt

I promised you all I would do more hunts and well here I am making good on that!  The Mesh Around Hunt is, as you will have guessed a hunt that includes ONLY mesh items from some of the best stores on the grid. It really is worth the time it takes to complete this hunt. Details and credits are below:

What?: Mesh Around Hunt – run by The Ego Co.
When?:  June 1st 2012 at 12pm (Noon) SLT and run through June 15th 2012.
Who? : over 60 stores!
Blog?: here
Hints and Stuff: here

As always – SLURLS + Store Owners names are available here

Mesh Around

Hair: Wasabi Pills // Shiori
Skin: Izzie’s // Delusional // Sunkissed
Dress: Sakide // Romantic Day Mesh // MESH AROUND HUNT (free)
Feet: Slink // Natural Barefeet Mesh
Sandals: Slink // Ilena Sandles // Gold (only works with the above feet)
Pose: Exposeur // Shamless Flirt

*plenty more posts coming!! I just need to finish the hunt first… **