#426 PXL Appliers for Slink


So not that ago, Slink released an updated version of their mesh hands and feet which means that skin designers could make appliers for these. You know what that means right? No longer will you have to struggle with tinting those blasted hands. Cause even though I love them I suck at tinting.

Also PXL released the full line of their Sophia Skin recently – FINALLY. Its really awesome and I couldnt wait to test out the hands and feet with the recent appliers!

C88 started a few days ago and Fashionably Dead released some mix and match items – I am wearing the shirt + skirt here but there is also other items available.

And that is all for now!

What I am wearing:

Hair: Truth // Crys// Pumpkin Pie
Skin: Sophia // Natural // Cherry Lips
Appliers: PXL // Natural Tone
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink
Jacket: Fashionably Dead / Button Shirt // Open // Gray// C88
Top: Fri.day // Cliquester Tank // Nerd
Skirt: Fashionably Dead // Skater Skirt // Red  // C88 
Pose: !bang poses

#420 Dotty


The Pink Fusion hunt is the newest hunt by the team at Depraved Nation. It is a 5L hunt so not free! But this item from Somnia is freaking adorable that 5L is a bargin! Also – PXL has released the newest VIP Gift for Spring and its sooo cute! You should get it! =)

Hair: Magika // Today
Skin: PXL // Sophia // Spring // VIP Gift
Top: Somnia // Dotty for Pink // Tubed Top // Pink Fusion Hunt
Skirt: Somnia // Dotty for Pink // Tiered Skirt // Pink Fusion Hunt
Hands: Slink
Pose: Adorkable Poses // Pencil
Location: ChouChou


Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤

#394 Global Domination

Global Domination

So unless you have been living under a rock recently you should know about Global Domination which is the latest event from the Hottie Cooterati Experience. More than a hunt, its a game where you have to use your brains and knowledge to complete different puzzles throughout several different stores and sims. For each puzzle, you gain a stamp and after you have collected all the stamps you get access to the final prizes from each participating store. Well, Indyra Originals has this really beautiful dress and necklace as the final prize ❤ Information relating to the Passport huds and rules etc are in the link above!

Also! There is an  new gacha at PXL skins themed after the seven deadly sins! I am wearing Sloth!

Hair: Exile // Beyond the Waves // Rouge
Skin:  PXL // Kate Natural / 7 Sins Gacha // Sloth
Necklace: Indyra Originals // Adrift Necklace // Rose
Dress: Indyra Originals Mesh // Daisha Gown // Lush Petal
Pose: !bang poses
Location: Nostos Deer


Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤

#372 PXL Vip Group Gift Skin, Decoy, Boom

a.k.a too lazy to think up of a title

#372 PXL Vip Group Gift Skin, Decoy, Boom

I am in love with this skirt from Decoy. It has been released for this months round of Zodiac and its so pretty. Ive paired it with this AMAZING jacket from Boom (store release). Also rounding off this look is the latest PXL VIP group gift skin that is a pale shade with runny mascara

Hair: Truth // Brianna w/ Roots // Cherry
Skin: PXL Sophia PA Decadence Skin // GROUP GIFT
Jacket: Boom // Duveteux Rayonnant Jacket // Pitch
Top: Fri.day // Ballet Tee // Black
Skirt: Decoy // Audre Skirt // Red // available at Zodiac
Shoes: Pixel Mode // Luna // Black
Pose: !bang poses
Location: Dragon Lagoon


Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤ (slowly updating)

#337 I have no idea what to put here – HI

NEWNESS..I wish I could say how I busy I was this week and that explains why I havent blogged since Monday but nope Ive been a lazy blogger but that means I have a lot to catch up with blogging wise and decided to cram as much into one post as possible ❤

PXL have released a new VIP skin for VIP Group members. Adore and Abhor have released this collar for Twisted Krissmuss which starts TOMORROW (December 7th) and they are amaaaazing! The holiday eyes are for the Hunting for Winter Hunt and that starts on the 10th.

Incase any of you didnt know, until a couple of days ago I didnt own any Lamb Mesh Hair, mainly because I thought they were too flat on my avatar. Anyway, recently Lamb has released 2 new mesh hairs.. a plain version (that I am wearing) and a version with cat ears!L-O-V-E. Havent taken it off since I bought it!

The Lazy Blogger

Hair: Lamb
Eyes: Adore and Abhor
Collar: Adore and Abhor

#323 FAIR

New Round of FAIR as started. My favourite items from this round are the dress from CIA and the boots from G Field. Happy Lazy Sunday ❤


Hair: Exile // Wild Horses // Rouge
Skin: PXL // Sophia // Sunkissed // Cherry Lips // Around the World
Dress: [CIA] // Diamond Dress // Black & Pink // FAIR
Boots: G Field // Fur Cuff Boot // Black // FAIR
Pose: Diesel Works

#322 Around the World – Sassy

Quick post today!! Dress is from Sassy for Around the World (I actually want this RL!) and the lovely necklace is for Handverk for the latest around of L’accessoires !! Hope yall have a happy and relaxing weekend ❤

Around the World + L'accessoires

Hair: Exile // Breathe Me // Rouge
Skin: PXL // Sophia // Sunkissed with Cherry Lips // Around the World
Necklace: HANDverk // Palette // Bolo // Rose // L’accessoires
Dress: Sassy // Anastasia // Gold // Around the World
Pose: Exposeur