#64. Grenade Free Wednesday + Anymore

SL has been doing my head in today. A lot :~(. First of all my internet @ home wouldnt work when I really needed it to! (checking school emails blah) then SL wouldnt let me log in.. I knew when I logged in floating in midair half ruthed saying “you are downloading” that this would not be an easy night!! Next, I didnt get a group invite that I needed (I saw the invite on my email) but I think it got capped :/ sigh. So I changed my settings on some groups so I wouldnt get so many notices when Im not online. Yay. Then nothing would rez :~P Prims, items, couldnt tp, you name it i had it! So this post has DEFINATELY been a labour of love. That and Im pretty sure my windlight settings are messed up so bare with me :~P

Anyway I managed to get 3 photos up for you 🙂 Sparrowtree Studios have released a whole pack of poses for this weeks GFW .. 3 of which I have shown for you in the below pictures. They are pretty awesome so if you dont buy anything else you should really buy this because for the offer :~) Secondly anymore have released 3 different colors in jeans.. 2 of which I have posted because SL just wouldnt rez the third pair :~( lol


Hair: Ploom // Eva // Wine
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Myth
Top: [Sakide] Diamond Wool Pulls // Red // GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY
Pants: [Sakide] Unbuttoned Leather Corset Pants // Black Slide Off // GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY
Pose: SSP // Vintage Days pose pack // Seventies // GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY


Hair: Ploom // Quinnie
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Myth
Top: *Anymore // Turqoise // GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY
Jeans: *Anymore // Low rise pants // black new release
Pose: SSP // Vintage Days pose pack // fifties // GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY


Hair: Truth // Florence
Skin: Plastik // Fable
Top: [trs] Love or Hate Tank // GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY
jeans: anymore // Lowrise Pant // Blue new
Pose: SSP // Vintage Days pose pack // *eighties .. // GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY

#57. Grenade Free Wednesday

Apologies for the late posting of this weeks GFW offering! Ended up having to work tonight so that pushed back my timeline a little bit!! Anywoo these are a few of the items that I blogged this week!

Grenade Free Wednesday is a weekly event that occurs every Wednesday only on the Jersey Shore a group of designers set an item out in front of their store for less than 100Ls, it will remain there from Wednesday 12:00am SLT till 11:59pm SLT.


Hair: Truth // Florence
Skin: !Imabee: Stigma – Umeko – Cotton Candy
BodySuit: Anymore // Bodysuit // Glam (GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY)
Boots: Miel // Far Boots // Solid
Socks: Together Inc // Stripey Socks // Dirty


Hair: Ploom // Eva // Wine
Tops: HolliPocket // Pull Meh // Shimmer Tops (GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY)
Jeans: *HolliPocket* Faded Whisker Jeans // Grey
Skin: !Imabee: Stigma – Umeko – Cotton Candy


Hair: Truth // Florence
Skin: !Imabee: Stigma – Umeko – Cotton Candy
Tops: [ SAKIDE ] Petticoat Top Sheer (GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY)
Jeans: Spearsong // Black
Boots: Kboots