#328 Pose Appreciation Week – Marukin

I can’t believe we are onto Day 5!! Only 2 more days! Today is Marukin!

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Pose Appreciation Week - Marukin

Marukin is a Pose Store I havent known for long! You can see Marukin usually at C88 where the poses are so ridiculously cheap.  There arent any props or couple poses (THAT I SEE – but I am blind) so its really just plain blogging poses but cant have enough of those!

Pose Appreciation Week - Marukin

One of the best things about these poses is that there is barely any movement. They are plain and simple standing poses. Like I’ve said before with other stores sometimes you want a pose that shows off the outfit without being over the top. You get that here. So TP to Marukin and spend spend spend!

Hair: Lelutka
Skin: Belleza (FLF)
Top: E! Eclectic Apparel (24 hour Black Friday sale)
Jeans: Fri.day
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui // L’accessoires