#419 Broken Keyboard


Broken Keyboard

Few things to show you today.

– The skin, leggings and the first pose are all for FLF this week so hurry down and get them for only 50L!

– The second pose is for a new event (still by !Bang poses – called The Liason Collaborative)

– The corset is from Lassitude and Ennui and is for the Adore and Abhor 5th year anniversary event which starts on the 16th March (tomorrow) More information and other stores that are participating can be found here

Broken Keyboard

Hair: Truth // Demi // Pumpkinpie
Skin: Belleza // Summer Skin // Fifty Linden Friday
Hands: Slink
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer // Shell Earrings // Teardrop // Peacock Eye
Top: Gawk! Black Lace Top
Corset: Lassitude and Ennui // Elena Corset // Pink / Silver
Shorts: Mon Tissu // Hanalei Shorts // Black
Leggings: Erratic // Patterened Stockings // Stripes / Black // Fifty Linden Friday
Shoes: Pixel Mode // Luna Leather Woods // Black
Poses: !Bang poses // Fifty Linden Friday || Second Pose – available @ Liason Collaborative
Location: Just for Fun


Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤

#409 Smile


So Fameshed (March) started a couple of days ago and Rebel hope have released this beautiful dress for this round. Isnt it lovely? Also Wasabi Pills have released this lovely Giselle hair style for Fameshed as well. Gorgeous!The picture is taken at Kaelyn’s beautiful sim It all starts with a smile.  You should check out the Flickr Group for other pictures taken here

Hair: Wasabi Pills // Giselle // Cinnamon // available at Fameshed
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America
Hands: Slink
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui // Stacked Pearls Necklace // Rose // available at Shop Free*Style
Dress: !Rebel Hope // Casie Mesh Jumper Dress // Roses Lavender // available at Fameshed
Feet: Gos
Pose: Adorkable Poses // Flower Child
Location: It all starts with a smile

Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤

#398 Dreaming

I spotted this dress on Flickr ages and ages ago (or well it seems like it) from Lassitude and Ennui and I was like – I must have! Its so awesome and was released for this months round of Zodiac!


Hair: Wasabi Pills // Momo Mesh Hair // Cinnamon
Skin: Pink Fuel // Alyx // Peach // Sultry // group gift
Hands: Slink
Dress: Lassitude and Ennui // Naiad Sundress // Cream // available at Zodiac
Feet: Gos
Pose: !Bang poses // available at Zodiac
Location: Salt Water

Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤

#386 Elate

Elate are having a anniversary sale – 50% off all items including new mesh releases! I picked up this lovely sweater dress and paired it with this new boot release from Lassitude & Ennui. Love boots!


Hair: Truth // Stevie // Quince
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America Red 01
Hands: Slink
Dress: Elate! // Leah // Red/Navy
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui // Timea Ankle Boots // Grey
Pose: Label Motion
Location: The Grounds

Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤

Also – this is my first blog post using the Official Viewer- Im really impressed so far and can’t wait to figure out the settings properly! So here is a bonus picture

Official Test

#378 Whispering Winds

Whispering Winds

Auxillary have this amazing group gift out – a jumper! Not sure how long it has been out for or how long it will still be there for but if you are a member of the group you should really grab it ❤

Hair: Clawtooth // Starlight // Peeled Carrots
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer // Necklace // Beatrice
Jumper: Auxillary // Printer Sweatshirts // VIP GROUP GIFT
Jeans: Fri.day // Designer Jeans // Dark Wash
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui // Suede boots // Black
Pose: Exposeur
Location: Whispering Winds


Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤

In other news – I recently picked up the SLINK Mesh Hands ( I fat packed…. my poor money) and I am so excited! I can’t wait to feature them in future blog posts because I hate SL hands and cant edit those to save my life ❤

#366 L’accessoires


The January round of L’accessoires has started!! Check out the blog for more information and a list of the designers participating!!

Hair: Exile // Brokenhearted // Rouge
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America Red 01
Lipstick: Izzies
Top: Peqe // Layered Top // Black
Jeans: Fri.day // Designer Jeans // Dark Wash
Handbag: Handverk // Leather Feather Clutch // Light Blue // available at L’accessoires
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui // Lazy Boots // Oxblood // available at L’accessoires
Pose: Focus Poses
Location: Pixel Mode / T-Town

Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ❤

#357 Zodiac

My space bar is kicking my butt today… *sigh* but onwards with the blog post! Been dreadfully slacking with Zodiac recently. I went to the last round but didnt blog anything from it (I dont think) even though I bought stuff! Rectifying that this round though – showcasing this lovely dress from Adore and Abhor and these pretty horns from Lassitude & Ennui! LOVE! Also the pose is from Di’s Opera. Di’s Opera is having a 50% off Sale on Fatpacks… so go buy all the poses!


Hair: Exile // Beyond the Waves // Rouge
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America Clean Red
Horns: Lassitude & Ennui // Capricornus Mesh Horns // Dark and Silver  // available at Zodiac
Dress: Adore and Abhor // Capricorn // Nice // available at Zodiac
PoseDi’s Opera
Location: here

#332 Zodiac & TDR Blue

Sooooooo I finally got a look around Zodiac and The Dressing Room Blue today -couple of cute items! Adorable Cardigan from Bilo for Zodiac and this bag for TDR Blue and I HAD TO HAVE. It was one of those purchases – I rarely BUY bags in SL let alone blog them but this one was so adorable I had to!! *sigh*  

Zodiac + TDR

Hair: Exile // Beyond the Waves // Rouge
Skin: Al Vulo // Eleonor + Freckles
Necklace: Kunglers // Beaded Necklace // TDR Blue
Jacket: Bilo // Munira Cardigan // Pine // Zodiac
T-shirt: Fri.day
Jeans: Fri.day // Designer Jeans // Dark Wash
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui // Suede Boots // Black
Bag: TokiD // Elephant Bag // Light  // TDR Blue
Pose: Label Motion // TDR Blue

#331 With Love Hunt….

Quick look of the day post today ❤ Managed to get a preview at some of the With Love Hunt  gifts that starts on November 30th. I fell in love with this sweater from  Mijn Boutique and pared with with my boots from Lassitude & Ennui which I dont ever take off these days I think. Keep checking the blog for more updates on the hunt!


Hair: Wasabi Pills // Joy // Lemon Tea
Skin: Al Vulo // Eleonor // Natural Dark Brow // Sunkissed
Sweater: Mijn Boutique / Wool Blocks  //  WITH LOVE HUNT *coming soon*
Jeans: Fri.day // Designer Jean // Dark Wash
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui // Suede Boots // Black
Pose: Marukin

#330 Pose Appreciation Week – KaTink

Today is the last day of Pose Appreciation Week! Like yesterdays, todays was suggested by Kitty DeVeauxKaTink!

Monday – aDORKable Poses|| Adorkable Peapod || Post
Tuesday  !Bang Poses || Trieste Minuet || Post
Wednesday – Exposeur || RubyStarlight Writer || Post
Thursday – Flowey || Flutter Memel || Post
Friday – Marukin ||  Valencia  Southard || Post
Saturday – Diesel Works || Rogan Diesel || Post
SundayKaTink ||  Annemarit Jarvinen

Pose Appreciation Week - KaTink

I own quite a few of KaTinks photo scenes (back before it rebranded ,when it was PNP) and they are just PERFECT for the lazy blogger like myself Instead of trying to find a sim for your photo you can just rez an object and voila! Instand scenary! KaTink also sell a huge range of background scenes, single poses and couple poses so you will always find something that you will need. At any given time there are also items on offer and discounted items and group gifts for KaTink Group Members!

Pose Appreciation Week - KaTink

Hair: Decoy
Skin: Al Vulo
Top: Razorblade Jacket
Jeans: Fri.day
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui