#70 Somnia + American Bazaar

Was given some store credit in Somnia (woo!) and I admit I went a little mad (hah!) All the stuff is sooo cheap I couldnt believe how much I got for the credit I was given! Thank you 😀 I got these tops in all the colors and these crop pants (or Tweed Waders – such a fun name)


its something ridiculous like less than $200L for the fat packs. I just kept buying. Also bought a skybox + some piercings that I may blog later. WHy do I get furniture and skyboxes when I quite clearly dont have anywhere to live? haha xD (anyone wanna donate me some land? *puppy dog eyes* Poses are from Croire :~)

Next up is American Bazaar and 2 of their hunts that they are participating in. First up is the Kawaii Hunt and their hunt gift is SO SO SO CUTE. I mean I LOVE IT

American Bazaar (Kawaii Hunt)

Some of the American Bazaar stuff is too revealing for my personal taste but this is something that I love ❤

Their next item is actually something else that I would wear :~) Its for the Candy Cane Hunt

American Bazaar (Candy cane Hunt)

enjoy 😀

Both poses are from E.ink :~)

Also since I posted about the Candy Cane Fair yesterday Sour Pickles have now joined it 🙂


This is their booth and here is the tp :~)

#68. Sour Pickles

So many new items from Sour Pickles this week!! Literally so many new items for events and hunt :~) We shall start off with the hunts then move to the events! :~)

1. Kawaii Hunt

Sour Pickles (Kawaii Hunt)

Toast Necklaces: Sour Pickles (Kawaii Hunt). These cute necklaces come in 3 colors (pink, mint and purple) The hunt runs from November 21st-December 21st

2. Couch Potato Hunt

Sour Pickles (Couch Potato Hunt)

This hunt runs from November 15th-December 15th. You get both chairs, bird painting, side table books and the candle.

3. Anime Hunt

Sour Pickles (Anime Hunt)

This hunt runs from November 15th – December 15th and it is definately one of my fave items released this week ;~) Show your love for Anime with this cute piercing. :~)

4. Twilight Saga Hunt

Sour Pickles (Twilight Saga Hunt Gift)

In honor of the new Twilight Movie out (which I havent seen it!! Jasper <3) There is a twilight hunt running from Nov 15th till December 15th and you get this awesome bedroom set with the shelf and picture frames included :~) (Quite Ironic since Vampires dont sleep but ssssh its still an awesome gift :~P)

Ok and now onto the weekly events 😀

1. Its on Sale

Sour Pickles - (Its on Sale)

For Its on Sale this week Sour Pickles have released these awesome shaldes that come in 7 different colors (white, lime, purple, red, yellow, orange, blue) The best thing about these glasses are that they are resizable!! Because my shape seems to be the most awkward of them all and its hard for things to fit). 50L as well so not bad!!!

2. Monday Mania

Sour Pickles (Monday Mania)

This little house is sooo cute and tiny perfect for a smallish avi like mine :~P. Only 30 prims as well which is really handy (copy/mod) and its also only 50L