#61. I love cupcakes Hunt (part 2)

Part 2 of my posts about the I love cupcakes hunt!


Hair: Truth // Kelsey
Skin: Imabee // Stigma // Umeko // Cotton Candy
Top: Retro’ // Cupcakes Hunt // I LOVE CUPCAKES HUNT (free)


Hair: Truth // Kelsey
Skin: Imabee // Stigma // Umeko // Cotton Candy
Outfit: AstonisHD // Capri n top // I LOVE CUPCAKES HUNT (free)


Hair: Truth // Marnie
Skin: Imabee // Stigma // Umeko // Cotton Candy
Tattoo: Urban Republic Co // Ilovecupcakes // I LOVE CUPCAKE HUNT (free)
Top: Black Tank (found on marketplace)

#60. I love cupcakes hunt

Started a new hunt today cause i just really cant stay away from them! Found a couple of items from the hunt that are quite cute :~) Posting some today and will post more tomorrow


Hair: Truth // Courtney
Skin: Imabee // Stigma // Umeko // Cotton Candy
Top: ::Fe:: Top // Purple // I LOVE CUPCAKES HUNT (free)


Hair: Truth // Courtney
Skin: Miss Murder // Cuppycake Skin // THE I LOVE CUPCAKES HUNT (free)
Outfit: American Bazaar // Kimmy // THE I LOVE UPCAKES HUNT (free)

#59. Anymore *new releases*

TP to anymore here
A little bit behind on my blogging for anymore so combining 2 of their new releases into one post 🙂 First up is their cute tops. Only $65 per top? Bargin!! There are 4 different colors of which I have picture 3. The only one that isnt pictured is a cute heart patterened one. The second item is their awesome destroyed leggings that come in 3 different colors (black purple and red) which are also $65.

Anymore *New Items*

Hair: Truth // Cady // Walnut
Tops: Anymore // Little Tops // new
Leggings: Anymore // Destroyed Leggings new
Skin: Imabee // Stigma // Umeko // Cotton Candy


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#58. Sour Pickles + Flirt

These are the items that Sour Pickles have released from upcoming events. Now, I have never blogged these events before so for all of us (myself included) I will include the description of the event + and landmark so that its more easily accessible.

1. Would like to make a really geeky statement. I LOVE pokemon. There. Done. Said. So when I realised that one of the gifts this week was a pokemon card table I was nerdily happy :~P. Gift comes with 2x chairs, wearable cards, the table and an extra card stack for the table. Not bad for 50L eh?
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Sour Pickles

2.Monday Mania Item
This neko frirendly bed offers the luxjury of home to any furry friend. The bed is 6 prims, and comes with cat food and tray, that is 3 prims. The bed itsels is texture changeable, click to change and comes with 8 choices for the pillows and bed frame. Taken from the Sour Pickles NC

Sour Pickles

SLURL for item

3. Finally is this really cute necklace for your mouth in ivory! Its part of the Its On Sale Event for Only 50L (Nov 13-19)
Sour Pickles

Hair: Truth // Cady // Walnut
Skin: Imabee: Stigma // Umeko // Cotton Candy
Mouth Necklace: Sour Pickles // Nom Nom Pearls // Ivory
Eyeliner: Flirt – Colored Eye Liners – Purple *NEW*

#57. Grenade Free Wednesday

Apologies for the late posting of this weeks GFW offering! Ended up having to work tonight so that pushed back my timeline a little bit!! Anywoo these are a few of the items that I blogged this week!

Grenade Free Wednesday is a weekly event that occurs every Wednesday only on the Jersey Shore a group of designers set an item out in front of their store for less than 100Ls, it will remain there from Wednesday 12:00am SLT till 11:59pm SLT.


Hair: Truth // Florence
Skin: !Imabee: Stigma – Umeko – Cotton Candy
BodySuit: Anymore // Bodysuit // Glam (GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY)
Boots: Miel // Far Boots // Solid
Socks: Together Inc // Stripey Socks // Dirty


Hair: Ploom // Eva // Wine
Tops: HolliPocket // Pull Meh // Shimmer Tops (GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY)
Jeans: *HolliPocket* Faded Whisker Jeans // Grey
Skin: !Imabee: Stigma – Umeko – Cotton Candy


Hair: Truth // Florence
Skin: !Imabee: Stigma – Umeko – Cotton Candy
Tops: [ SAKIDE ] Petticoat Top Sheer (GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY)
Jeans: Spearsong // Black
Boots: Kboots

#15. Thank god you’re heart is too closed

Got a little bit bored today :~P So did some of the American Bazaar Birthday Hunt.. up to No. 100 now :~) So went through some of the items that I got today and came up with 3 pictures 🙂 I love getting free tattoos cause well.. I love tattoos and hate spending money :~P

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

hair: maitreya / lotus // pecan
skin: lionheart / tale // bare
top + skirt: – Kiwi // Live set // ABBH GIFT

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Hair: Truth // Cady // Upper // Walnut
Skin: Lionheart // Tale // Bare
Tattoos: Amnesia Tattoo – ABBH GIFT
Top: HoliPoli // Tied Up // Tank Top Gray
Shorts: Seldom Blue / Pearl Denim Shorts // Lilac

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Hair: Truth // Cassandra // Carrot
Glasses: Yellow Berry / 80’s sunglasses // shiny
Skin: Imabee: Stigma // umeko // cotton candy


I love the glasses from Yellow Berry!! They are color change and come with about 50 differnet colors so you can mix them with whatever outfit you are wearing :~)