#1…It always rains like hell on the loser’s day parade.

Twisted Hunt

So Yesterday i joined the Twisted Hunt (Ive been in Second life nearly 18 months and have never done a hunt before!! Sheesh!! Now im addicted -_-) My most favorite place EVER so far (as in terms of finding the boxes) is Devient Designs… just because it is not just a clothes shop!! Its what only I could describe as an exploratory sim! There is an underground section that involves (see above) some poor soul that has gotten run over by a train! (The train was fortunately nowhere to be seen when I was there :~)) There was also tunnels that you could explore and not forget the shopping part itself ┬álol. The sim owner has clearly put a lot of effort into this sim and it was a joy to walk around (also a frustration since I couldnt understand the damn clue for ages and it was there right in front of mah face …. -.- Anywoo I am gonna go now and do more of this hunt!! i am currently on No.53 of like over 200 so Ive got alot of work to do before the end of september!)

P.s Signed up for a few more hunts which I dunno if that is a good thing or not BUT we shall see :~)