#119 Bunneh what happened your ears?!

Today I had a major photography FAIL. Was trying to take a cute picture of the cute Gacha Bunnies from Beetlebones and I went to crop the image down in PS when … dun dun DUNNNNNN the bunny had no ears!!!

Bunneh - what happened your ears?!

I dont know how it worked but the bunny even looked cute without ears!!
However I managed to take a better picture (complete with shadows yay) of this super cute avatar

Bunny Now Has Ears

Complete with random person in the background =D

Oh if you guys didnt know (cause how would you I never mentioned it) my own personal SL resolution this year was to get out of sandboxes more and explore. I decided to do this because after looking at Strawberry Singh’s blog and also Harlow Heslop’s I wanted to take more pictures away from the plain white screen. They also posted about the Koinup website (click on the links above – cause they will explain it MUCH better than I ever will)

Anyway this picture is taken at Forest Floor. Its a really cute sim so you should check it out 🙂