#414 Friends

So todays post features one of my very good friends in SL Kitty DeVaux. The last 6 months in SL since we met have been quite amazing and I feel very lucky to have met her ‚̧ Even if she keeps me up late at night and feeds my shopping habit ūüė°


What we are wearing

Kitty (left):

Hair: Magika // Plenty
Head: Fashionably Dead // Doll // Sad  // available at The Arcade
Hands: Slink
Bracelets: Sn@tch Leather Bangles
Skin: Izzie’s // Dailyn Skin // Pale
Top: Villena // Studded Sweater // Black
Pants: League // Zipped Leather Pants // Faded Black
Skates: The Secret Store // Vintage Roller Skates // Black   // available at The Arcade

Jullie (right) :

Hair: Magika // Today
Head: Fashionably Dead // Doll // Sad  // available at The Arcade
Hands: Slink
Skin: Fashionably Dead // Doll Skin // Pale
Top: The Secret Store // Damask Sweater // Salmon Toast
Skirt: Cracked Mirror // Jacket Skirt // Black w/ Silver Belt
Boots: ISON // Hawkin Boots // Pewter  // available at The Arcade

Pose: !Bang poses
Location: The Grounds


Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ‚̧
if there are any stores missing please let me know ūüôā

#412 Abduction


Hair: Clawtooth // Surfer Rosa // Valentine  // available at The Arcade
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America
Dress: Cracked Mirror // Para Dress // Black // available at Fameshed
Hands: Slink
Boots: ISON // Hawkin Boot // Pewter  // available at The Arcade
Pose: Adorkable Poses // Honey
Location: Abduction Alley


Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ‚̧

#411 Sad


I caved! I got one of the doll heads from Fashionably Undead for the Arcade! This is definitely a lot different from my normal look but I kind of like it and think I look rather cute :p. What do you think?



Hair: Magika // Plenty
Antlers: Half Deer // Eternum Antlers // Dollface  // available at The Arcade
Head: Fashionably Dead // BB Doll // Sad  // available at The Arcade
Skin: Fashionably Dead // Doll Skin // Pale
Hoody: Auxillary // Bunny Hoodie // Peach
Jeans: Fri.day // Designer Jean // Dark Wash
Boots: ISON // Hawkin Boot // Floral  // available at The Arcade
Poses: Adorkable Poses
Location: Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe

Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ‚̧

#408 Disco


Don’t you love it when two unrelated creators released two different items for two different events that just GO SO WELL TOGETHER? That is how I felt this weekend when the Arcade Gacha Event + The Whore Couture Fair (unfortunate name) started. The Secret Store have released these awesome retro Roller Skates for the Arcade and Sakide’s release for the WCF are these awesome Disco Shorts. I couldn’t help but wear them together! Doesn’t help that I’ve had this song in my head ever since.

Hair: Truth // Video Games // Red // at the Arcade
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America
Hands: Slink
Top: Artilleri // Marcy Top // Pink
Shorts: Sakide // Disco Fever Shorts // WCF
Skates: The Secret Store // Vintage Roller Skates // Blue Neon // at the Arcade
Pose: Focus Poses
Location: Artilleri Main Store


Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ‚̧

#394 Global Domination

Global Domination

So unless you have been living under a rock recently you should know about Global Domination¬†which is the latest event from the Hottie Cooterati Experience. More than a hunt, its a game where you have to use your brains and knowledge to complete different puzzles throughout several different stores and sims. For each puzzle, you gain a stamp and after you have collected all the stamps you get access to the final prizes from each participating store. Well, Indyra Originals has this really beautiful dress and necklace as the final prize ‚̧ Information relating to the Passport huds and rules etc are in the link above!

Also! There is an  new gacha at PXL skins themed after the seven deadly sins! I am wearing Sloth!

Hair: Exile // Beyond the Waves // Rouge
Skin:  PXL // Kate Natural / 7 Sins Gacha // Sloth
Necklace: Indyra Originals // Adrift Necklace // Rose
Dress: Indyra Originals Mesh // Daisha Gown // Lush Petal
Pose: !bang poses
Location: Nostos Deer


Please Check here for SLURLS and Creator Names of the shops used in this blog post ‚̧

#292 PXL Gacha Skins

I have been after this skin for AGES. I got pretty much every other skin in the PXL Halloween Gacha but finally today I got the one I wanted. Isnt it LOVELY?


Hair: Truth // Demi // Chocberry
Skin: PXL // Kate // Mistery // Halloween Gacha
Nails: Izzies // Metallic Nails
Top: *Boom* // Twenty-Three Tee // Skull Teal
Shorts: Mon Tissu // Cuffed Denim Shorts // Classic Wash
Pose: Flowey

#278 J is for Jullie

I blogged again.. go me! Feeling oddly inspired tonight! The Arcade is a new gacha event that if you are lucky enough to be able to TP in has some REALLY amazing items available. My faves so far are the Auxillary Mouse Ears and the Glam Affair Skins. The title of the blog post comes from the AWESOME marquee letter signs from [Commoner]. I had to get my own letter !

Arcade Gacha

Hair: Magika // Tendancy
Skin: Glam Affair // Roza // ARCADE GACHA EVENT
Mouse Ears: Auxillary // Mouse Ears (Bow) // White 4 // ARCADE GACHA EVENT
Top: Fri.day // Ballet Tee // Ivy Stripe
Jeans: Friday // Designer Jeans // Dark Wash
Bag: Pesca // Old Shoulder Bag // Skika // Dark Brown // ARCADE GACHA EVENT
Boots: Nardcotix // Rinbox // Popcorn // ARCADE GACHA EVENT
Pose: Adorkable Poses // Sleek


#231 Gacha Fair

Following on from my blog post yesterday about the Gacha Fair here are some more items you can get. The dress from Evolve and the bag from Somnia
Summer Gacha

Hair: Elikatira // With // Firey Reds
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Dress: .evolve // harvest.sundress // picnic // RARE GACHA
Bag: .: Somnia :. // Coastal Tote // Seahore // RARE GACHA
Pose: aDORKable Poses: Bag Lady II 5

p.s Flickr is being a complete dick with those lines – they really ARENT there in PS but Flickr is showing them anyway D: Gah.

Most of the store names . owner names and slurls are here – still needs updated a little ūüôā

#230 Blog Blog Blog

Totally failing at coming up with blog titles right now

a) The Summer by the Sea Gacha is running on the Amira Sim from 1st July to 7th July and Bounce This! Poses have released very cute bird prop / poses for this event. Each try is 35L each and there is an option to get a rare one!

b) E!¬†Eclectic¬†Apparel have released MESH JEANS. Yup. If anyone remembers me saying, Mesh jeans was something I had not yet¬†acquired¬†because I¬†couldn’t¬†find any that suited my shape (without having a massive gap in between the legs. Well… the wait is over! There are normal Denim Shades (light and dark) and a bunch of bright summer¬†colours¬†released too. ¬†The very cute mesh bowling shirt is also a new release from them too

Hair: TRUTH // Hailey // MESH
Skin: Izzie’s // Estella Skin // Sunkissed
Shirt: e! // Bowling Shirt // Vermillion
Jeans: e! // Anca Jeans // Graphite
Prop / Pose: Bounce This Poses // Birdy Gacha Pose // Summer by the Sea Gacha

#143 Aura + Love

Dear Firestorm,
Thank you for your very long awaited update. Before, when I tried to open you up, all I got was a lovely white window so I was stuck using other viewers with left me with nasty gridlines and didn’t have area search. Now, I can get pretty shadows and no gridlines. I can also see mesh on ultra graphics with shadows !!!. So what if the graphics are a tad pixelly? We can work on that but for now you have my viewer heart.
All my Love,
Jullie x

… and now onto the actual blog post. There is a new gacha fair¬†to go spend your money at and one of the items you can get is this new sexy mesh dress from Aura


The hair is from [E] which, if you read my ode to firestorm up there, you can see I can finally blog properly !!