#370 Zodiac Aquarius

Zodiac Aquarius

New round of Zodiac opened up yesterday and the theme for this month is Aquarius. Lots of wonderful items from some amazing creators. Alice Project have released new hair, SySy’s have released tube tops and LVLE have these new shoes – cute pumps with a kitten heel. As usual, Exposeur Poses has released Aquarius themed poses which at 75L are a steal!. Enjoy ❤

Hair: Alice Project // Aquarius // Zephyra // Infinity // available at Zodiac
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America Clean Red
Top: SYSY’s // Aquarius Top // Cherise // available at Zodiac
Skirt: coldLogic // Hemlock // Black
Shoes: LVLE // Bae Kitten Heels // Ebony // available at Zodiac
Pose: Exposeur // When You’re Smiling // available at Zodiac
Location: UT Arlington

#356 Glamorous

A couple of new releases for you. Showing you one of the new Magika hair releases and Bilo have released some awesome mesh party dresses that come in a range of styles and colors. Enjoy!


Hair: Magika // Now // Hud 01
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America Clean Red
Dress: Bilo // Deepali // Black
Shoes: G Field // Bow Strap Shoes Kate // Black
Pose: Exposeur

#355 Fifty Linden Friday Haul

I always go a bit nuts at FLF… Seee for yourself below….

Fifty Linden Friday Haul

Hair: Wasabi Pills // Lumi // Rouge // available at Fameshed
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America Clean Red
Top: Gawk // Unbuttoned Wooltop // White
Skirt: Milk Motion // Lace Mini Skirt // Fifty Linden Friday
Boots: Maitreya // Stagioni Boots // Cordovan
Pose: Exposeur

Giraffe: d-lab // giraffe sit B // Fifty Linden Friday
Shelf: *Funky*Junk* // Old Shabby Door Shelf // Fifty Linen Friday
Desk Set: Second Spaces // Writers Block // Fifty Linden Friday
Desk + Lamp: floorplan // foyer table & lamp // Fifty Linden Friday
Record Box: floorplan // record shelf // painted // Fifty Linden Friday

#354 Fameshed

I got a new skin! Finally caved in and got Amberly from Glam Affair. Its pretty cute and its kinda nice to go back to that look. The hair is from Exile and the sweater is from Auxillary – both for Fameshed


Hair: Exile // I will wait // Rouge
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America Clean
Top: Auxillary // Printer Sweatshirts // Penguin
Jeans: Fri.day
Pose: Exposeur

#322 Around the World – Sassy

Quick post today!! Dress is from Sassy for Around the World (I actually want this RL!) and the lovely necklace is for Handverk for the latest around of L’accessoires !! Hope yall have a happy and relaxing weekend ❤

Around the World + L'accessoires

Hair: Exile // Breathe Me // Rouge
Skin: PXL // Sophia // Sunkissed with Cherry Lips // Around the World
Necklace: HANDverk // Palette // Bolo // Rose // L’accessoires
Dress: Sassy // Anastasia // Gold // Around the World
Pose: Exposeur

#309 Zodiac – Scorpio

The latest round of ZODIAC opened up 2 days ago and below I am showing you some of the awesome items you can get at the event! The hair is from Alice Project and has been released for the October Round of FAIR. Enjoy!!

Zodiac -Scorpio

Hair: Alice Project // Reema // Infinity // FAIR
Skin: Glam Affair // Leah // MedTan
Jacket: Fri. // Pow Blazer // Scorpio // ZODIAC
Tank: Fri. // Cliqester Tank // Emo
Jeans: Maitreya // Zipper Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Ingenue // Scorpius // ZODIAC
Pose: Exposeur // ZODIAC

#298 Cinema: Film Noir

This is my second themed post for the Cinema event!! Based on the Film Noir Genre :~) Enjoy!

Hair: Magika // Faint
Skin: Pink Fuel // Kumi // Peach // Pure
Dress: Perception // Bustier Dress // Black  // available at Cinema
Shoes: Pixel Mode // Luna
Pose: Exposeur // Classic Elegance  // available at Cinema

Location:  Cinema

#295 Cinema

Cinema starts tomorrow!! If you have been living under a ROCK and don’t know what Cinema is let me tell you. Cinema is a sim wide event brought to you by the same people that organised Festival of Sin last year! (The Hottie Cooterati Experience). There are 7 different themes bringing you over 80 stores full of movie themed AWESOME. Hoping to get a blog post up about each of the different genres but for not here is a sneak peak of what you can expect!


Hair: Wasabi Pills // Nikki // Rouge // available at Cinema (opens October 13th)
Skin: PXL // Kate // Natural
Top:  Auxillary // Zombified // Cropped Double // Cinema Special // available at Cinema (opens October 13th)
Nails: Izzies // Metallic Nails
Jeans: Fri. // Designer Jean // Dark Wash
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui // Suede Boots // Latte // available at Cinema (opens October 13th)
Pose: Exposeur // available at Cinema (opens October 13th)



#293 Plastik **new releases – kinda**

So I dont have much time on my hands recently. I thought I would have more time to blog but after school finished a month ago I ended up having to get a second job (sucks being broke!) and my body clock is all screwed up so in order to catch up with the blogging I have to do I decided to make a collage will some of the latest Plastik releases cause I THOUGHT IT WOULD TAKE LESS TIME. Nah. It really didn’t. Much respect to you bloggers that attempt this on multiple occassions (Im looking at you). Anyway onto the pictures!

– Also!! Im wearing my very first EVER pink fuel skin. I wanted to see what the big deal was about with the Kumi skin everyone was buying and its very very cute!!

– Also again! Most of these items can be found at Swag Fest . More information can be found here


Hair: Truth // Demi // Fades
Skin: Pink Fuel // Kumi // Peach
Eyeliner: MONS // Eyeliner // Festival Black
Necklace: Krystal // Sheltered Heart
Left: Plastik // Gambit // Eighty
Top Right: Plastik // Gambit // Class
Bottom Right: Plastik // Gambit // Noxious


Hair: Truth // Havana // Reds
Skin: Pink Fuel // Kumi // Peach
Eyeliner: Mons (as before)
Left: Plastik // Achillea // Geometri
Top Right: Plastik // Achillea // Swag
Bottom Left: Plastik // Achilea // Wylde


Hair: Burley // Sirah // Reds
Skin: Pink Fuel // Kumi // Peach
Top Left: Plastik // Astracae // Cabbage
Top Right: Plastik // Astria Sweater // Swag
Bottom Left: Plastik // Sulyien // Cabbage
Bottom Right: Plastik // Beatnik Top // Swagger


Hair: Elikatira // Control // Firey Reds | Burley // Sirah // Reds
Skin: Pink Fuel // Kumi // Peach
Tops: Plastik // Salvia Tops
(centre) Dress: Plastik // Gambit // Swag