#263 Cracked Mirror // oOo // Slink @ VF + Belleza at FV

Cracked Mirror | Slink | Belleza | oOo

Loving this dress from Cracked Mirror for Vintage Fair.. its pretty cute ❤ Can't take off this skin from Belleza either! Shoes are pretty awesome from SLINK kinda glad im wearing heels in SL – means I can take full length pics of pretty dresses! That is really all I have to say folks! Pretty boring eh? Its been a long day though ❤

Hair: Truth // Elsa // Blood
Skin: Belleza // Betty // Pale 0 // Available at Fashion Voodoo
Dress: Cracked Mirror Vintage GoGo Dress // Blue Wool // Available at Vintage Fair
Shoes and Feet: Slink // Vintage Pumps // Cream // available at Vintage Fair
Pose: oOo // Rouge // Available at Vintage Fair

#262 Belleza @ Fashion Voodoo

Belleza has released a new skin for Fashion Voodoo – its part of the release of Betty and comes in nice strong dark make ups! I got it in Pale and decided (cause ya know why not!) To do a skin type post showing you all the different types of make ups you get. Not showin in the picture is the second eyeliner tattoo layer and the cleavage layers ❤ Enjoy

Edit: I should mention that for $1.2kL you dont just get one make up, it includes the 5 different make ups and 2 different running mascara tattoo layers… bargain!

Belleza Skin @ Fashion Voodo

#261 Fashion Voodoo

Fashion Voodoo starts TODAY at 6pm SLT so I hope you are all ready to shop ❤

Fashion Voodoo

Hair: Truth Hair // Elsa // Reds
Skin: Glam Affair // Cassiopea // Retro // available at the Dressing Room
Top: Shabby Cat // Fashion Voodoo // Jinx Mesh Tank // Black // available at Fashion Voodoo opens August 10th at 6pm
Necklace: VAUGHAN’S // Haitian Collier // available at Fashion Voodoo opens August 10th at 6pm
Shorts: Mon Tissu // Bouquet // Ginger
Rings: [HANDverk] // Gas Mask Ring.purple// available a Fashion Voodo opens August 10th at 6pm

#259 Fashion Voodoo

Fashion Voodoo starts Aug. 10 so not long to go now! This really pretty dress by Plastik will be available ❤

And as part of my location blogging cheating this wonderful Cafe Scene is available from PNP at the lovely pricy of $200L. You can demo all their props in world and I believe all of them are available on MP to buy! Wonderful

Hair: Elikatira // Never // Firey Reds
Skin: Glam Affair // Leah // MedTan
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer // Cross of Assisi // Silver and Black
Dress: Plastik // Gambit // Wilde // available at Fashion Voodoo
Pose: Glitterati
Scene: PNP ~ Cafe’ Noir

#257 – Fashion Voodoo (3 days to go!)

Even though I had an annoying time taking that picture yesterday I must admit the picture did look better because there was scenary so I wanted to try that again with todays blog post. However, I wasnt up to fighting the lag in a Sim again so I used one of the scene props I bought in the Glitterati Sale. This “Garage Scene” comes with built in male + female poses. I used another Glitterati pose in this picture.

The mesh dress is from Ducknipple and is part of the release for the Fashion Voodoo Event which starts on August 10th and it comes in 4 different colors. Ill be posting the SLURL to the event closer to the time!

Fashion Voodoo - 3 days to go!

Hair: Elikatira // Control // Firey Reds
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Dress: Ducknipple // Fashion Voodoo Mesh Dress // Black
Feet: Slink
Pose: Glitterati
Prop: Glitterati – Garage // currently only 100L at the sale

#256 Fashion Voodoo – 4 days to go!

Fashion Voodoo is a fashion event run by the Depraved Nation Team and it runs from August 10th – August 30th. Some pretty awesome stores are included in this event including one of my faves, Sakide! Swear that store is in like EVERY event going. Its nut’s but also pretty awesome.

.. also took this notion that this picture HAD to be taken on location away from the comfort of my usual sky platform and ya know what? It was a PAIN. The photo turned out great but I swear I dont think I have the patience for doing this in every blog post ( Respect for those that do that! Yall are better bloggers than me <3).

Also.. gotta mention Glitterati is having a 100l Sale.. all poses are 100L. EVEN PROPS… if you are like me and photography props are usually out of your price range then get down there now and snap them up! New SLURL too so book mark it

Fashion Voodoo

Hair: [elikatira] Control – Firey Reds
Skin: Glam Affair // Leah // MedTan
Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Classy Skull Dresses Black // available August 10th at Fashion Voodoo
Shoes: Pixel Mode // Luna // Black
Pose: Glitterati

#228 Fri.day Mesh + 22769 for Depraved Summer Hunt

Y’all know how much I am in love with my fri.day jeans. I nearly wear them in every post that I can and its because them that I have not upgraded to mesh jeans yet hah! Well Fri.day has now started releasing mesh items and the collection has started with some basic mesh tank tops. Now you may say, “I have too many tank tops.. pfft what is so special about these?” They fit my avi PERFECTLY. Thats what. I do have to wear an XSmall with them but it fits just magically.
Shorts are another thing that I havent been able to upgrade to mesh yet. however 22769 have, as their gift, for the Depraved Summer Hunt this adorale pair of mesh denim shorts! And again, they fit me pretty snug. Now weird gaps, no changing of shape (which I will do, but personally hate) and since they are a hunt gift they are FREE! You have until July 15th to pick up the shorts!

A quick note about the hair. Its one of the newest releases from Wasabi Pills available at the Fairy Tale Event and it is partially rigged mesh. That means that the pony tail at the back is rigged but the fringe (bangs whatever :P) is non rigged mesh so you can adjust it to whatever size you want. I am wearing mine just a bit bigger than in the advert.

Also how much did I write today? haha so unlike me!

Blog #228

Hair: Wasabi Pills // matchgirl Mesh Hair // Fairy Tales Event
Skin: izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Tank: Fri. // Friday.Tank // Oatmeal // MESH
Shorts: 22769 // Hotpants [femme] //DEPRAVED SUMMER LOVE HUNT GIFT
Pose: !bang // Stand 231

SLURLS to the stores + creator names are here


#222 Depraved Summer Love Hunt

What? Depraved Summer Love Hunt
Starting Point? Razorblade Jacket
When? June 15 – July 15th
Who? This event is GRIDEWIDE therefore lots of stores!
How Much? Best kind of hunt = FREE!
Blog (with hints): here

The Depraved Nation Hunts are definately one of my fave hunts out there! Didnt get to blog the last one though cause it was right in the middle of school deadlines but the newest hunt started yesterday! Now I havent finished the hunt yet so there are only a couple of pictures right now but the top from Bubble and the outfit was Sakide are so CUTE! (yall already know about my crush on Sakide hah)

Depraved Summer Love Hunt

Hair: Wasabi Pills // Anais 2 // Rouge
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Top: [bubble] // Summer Jammy (DSL HUNT – FREE) *comes with shorts but not worn*
Shorts: Mon Tissu // Ginger // Bouquet
Pose: Adorkable // Chill

Depraved Summer Love Hunt

Hair: Ploom // Flint
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Outfit: Sakide // Grungy Summer Outfits // (DSL HUNT – FREE) *also comes in white*
Pose: Glitterati

As always – SLURLS + Store Owners names are available here

#168. Depraved Spring Madness Hunt

What? Depraved Spring Madness Hunt
Starting Point? Razorblade Jacket
When? March 15th – April 15th
Who? This event is GRIDEWIDE therefore lots of stores!
How Much? Best kind of hunt = FREE!
Blog: http://depravednation.com/depraved-spring-madness-2-0

Depraved Spring Madness

Hair: Wasabi Pills // Kumi // Rouge // *MESH*
Skin: Aura // Briar // Berlin VIP
Outfit: LMD // Depraved Spring Madness *free*
Pose: Olive Juice

Depraved Spring Madness

Hair: Magika // Push // *MESH*
Skin: Aura // Briar // Berlin VIP
Eyes: SBY // Surfs Up // Depraved Spring Madness *free*
Tattoo: Fe // Spring Rocks Tattoo // Depraved Spring Madness *free*
Underwear: Fishy Strawberry // Laundry Day // Navy

Depraved Spring Madness

Hair: Truth // Lykie // Cranberry *mesh*
Skin: Aura // Briar // Berlin // Cream
Eyes: Birth // Hypnotic Eyes // Aztec DuoFunk // Depraved Spring Madness *free*
Top: Shirt Shop // Flower Power // Depraved Spring Madness *free*
Jeans: Fri. // Designer Jeans // Dark Wash
Boots: Slink // Releax Boots // Black *mesh*
Pose: Marukin // Blossom

Depraved Spring Madness

Hair: [e] // Over // Red 10 *mesh*
Skin: Aura // Briar // Berlin // Cream
Eyes: Birth // Hypnotic Eyes // Aztec DuoFunk // Depraved Spring Madness *free*
Eyeshadow: A&M // Eyeshadow Nacar // Blue Sea // Depraved Spring Madness *free*
Top: Razorblade Jacket // Embroidered Royal // Depraved Spring Madness *free*
Necklace: Virtual / Insanity // Madspring // Necklace // Depraved Spring Madness *free*
Pose: Marukin / Blossom

Depraved Spring Madness

Hair: Truth
Skin: Aura
Dress: Sassy // Rapture Dress // Depraved Spring Madness // *FREE*
Boots: G Field // Long Cuff Boots // “Will” // Peach

#87. A Depraved & Desolate Hunt (part 2!)

What? A Depraved and Desolate Winter Hunt
Starting Point? Razorblade Jacket
When? December 15th – January 15th
What are you looking for? Not too sure yet
Who? This event is GRIDEWIDE therefore lots of stores!
How Much? Best kind of hunt = FREE!
Blog: http://depravednation.com/archives/1764

Part 2 in my series of posts about the Depraved & Desolate Gride Wide Hunt!

A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt

Hair:  Truth
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale
Top: Shush // Plushie Sweater // Grey // ADDW HUNT (free)
Jeans: Emo Denim
Boots: Kboots

A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt

Hair: Truth
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale
Top+Scarf: Quarantine // ADDW HUNT (free)
Boots: Duh! // Silk Floral Booties // ADDW HUNT (free)
Pose: Croire

A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt

Hair: Truth
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale
Body: Loulou&Co // Body // Picorino // ADDW HUNT (free)
Shoes: UBU Pornstar // Low-tops

A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt

Hair: Truth
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale
Underwear: Kim // Carey // ADDW HUNT (free)