#70 Somnia + American Bazaar

Was given some store credit in Somnia (woo!) and I admit I went a little mad (hah!) All the stuff is sooo cheap I couldnt believe how much I got for the credit I was given! Thank you 😀 I got these tops in all the colors and these crop pants (or Tweed Waders – such a fun name)


its something ridiculous like less than $200L for the fat packs. I just kept buying. Also bought a skybox + some piercings that I may blog later. WHy do I get furniture and skyboxes when I quite clearly dont have anywhere to live? haha xD (anyone wanna donate me some land? *puppy dog eyes* Poses are from Croire :~)

Next up is American Bazaar and 2 of their hunts that they are participating in. First up is the Kawaii Hunt and their hunt gift is SO SO SO CUTE. I mean I LOVE IT

American Bazaar (Kawaii Hunt)

Some of the American Bazaar stuff is too revealing for my personal taste but this is something that I love ❤

Their next item is actually something else that I would wear :~) Its for the Candy Cane Hunt

American Bazaar (Candy cane Hunt)

enjoy 😀

Both poses are from E.ink :~)

Also since I posted about the Candy Cane Fair yesterday Sour Pickles have now joined it 🙂


This is their booth and here is the tp :~)