I love shopping events. It’s a new addiction. The Keep Calm and Keep Shopping Event is running from May 14th – May 28th and its a “lets support these talented designers” events. This is NOT a discount event.. everything is full price and won’t be sold after the event! There are a bunch of different designers involved so you should really check it out!

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Burley, Somnia + Alexohol

Hair: Burley // Bom // Reds // MESH
Skin:  Glam Affair // Leah // Med Tan // Red
Top:  Somnia // Simple Tees // Darks // Culture Shock
Shorts: Alexohol // Head Spinner Pinstripe Mesh Shorts // Black // Keep Calm and Keep Shopping
Pose: !Bang


Shopping List here

#163 T.O.S.L – Alexohol

What?: Taste of SL – some really nice discounts from your fave designers all centering on a theme
When?: Every week!
Who?: For who is in each week, and the theme, check here

Spring / Summer clothes are really out in show these days and I am loving it!! I’m not a huge fan of hot weather in RL but in SL I take the opportunity to wear pretty dresses and shorts and tanks! This dress is for T.O.S.L and the theme is “Spring Forward”

The hair is the newest Truth Mesh Hair and I am LOVING it. If you have heard me talk about mesh hair you know Ive been very spoiled with mesh long hair and seem to be grabbing up every style I can ❤

T.O.S.L  - Alexohol

Hair: TRUTH // Lykie w/Roots (Mesh) // Cherry
Skin: [Aura] Helena // Honey // Love Notes
Necklace: Undefined lilies – be mine (pink/silver)
Dress: Alexohol // Spring Fever Strapless Dress// *Mesh*
Pose: Glitterati

#145 Flux + Sn@tch

Well this post has been sitting in my “drafts” for 2 days now, the first day that I tried to post it, I got sick and couldn’t stay at the computer for long, the second day, I ended up not being near a computer, so this is day 3 and I am getting this post up finally. Flux is a new monthly themed event in SL and this month it is mardi gras. You have got to the end of the month (yeh told you I was behind wasnt I?) to get these items.

Flux + Sn@tch

Hair: Exile // Maren // Sunset
Red Eyes: Izzie’s // Im not feeling very Well
Thermometer: Somethin’ in your Mouth // Digital Thermometer
Top: Sn@tch // T-ball T-Shirt // Love Gacha
Leggings: Alexohol // Mardi Gras Leggings // FLUX
Shoes: UBU
Chair: Little House of Curios

Flux + Sn@tch

Hair: Elikatera // Abbey // Firey Reds (MESH)
Top: Sn@tch // T-Ball Jersey // Love Gacha
Leggings: Alexohol // Mardi Gras // FLUX
Shoes: UBU
Sofa: Little House of Curios


On another Note… The first picture was taken in Exodus, and the second was in Firestorm. Amazing difference in quality right? I am in love with this new firestorm!! No gridlines ;~)

#138 T.O.S.L

What?: Taste of SL – some really nice discounts from your fave designers all centering on a theme
When?: Every week!
Who?: For who is in each week, and the theme, check here


Hair: Exile // Maren
Skin: Aura // Briar // Honey
Dress: Dirty Little Secrets // Love Bites // Tank Dress // T.O.S.L
Tights: Alexohol // Leggings // Up and Down Hearts
Shoes: UBU

#130 Alexohol – Taste Of SL

This new sweater has been released by Alexohol for Taste of SL this weekend for only 50L. A little bit behind on blogging them but you still have all of today in order to get it for 50l. It comes in 14 different colors and also included are some of the colors for the 52 Weeks of Color challenge.


Hair: Truth // Petra w/ Roots // Gingers
Skin: Aura // Briar // Honey
Sweater: Alexohol // Dreamy Winter Sweater // Folly Pink
Jeans: Fri. // Designer Jeans // Darkwash // Skinny
Boots: Coro // Mesh Boots // Brown (MESH)
Pose: Olive Juice

Location: San Diego

See!! im still being VERY good at getting out for taking my photographs.

#105 Sour Pickles + Alexohol

You all should check out Alexohol! They have super cute outfits and I LOVE this gold silver dress. Like Super Love and Ive just realised how much the 2 words “super cute” annoy me together :~P Oh well THE OUTFITS ARE STILL AWESOME!


Sweater: Alexohol // Dreamy Winter Sweater // Coral
Pants: Alexohol // Class Act Dress Pants // Dark Grey


Sweater: Alexohol: // Hot Cider Sweater // Red


Dress: Alexohol: Party Girl Dress // Gold-Silver

Also Sour Pickles have released these gorgeous sweaters for only $50! Also the “Sea” version of this sweater is going to be on Its on Sale next week so check it out 😀

Sour Pickles