#373 Just Visiting

Quick Look of the Day post ❤ Its been a long day so thats all you get !

Just Visiting

Hair: Exile // All for Love // Rouge
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America
Freckles: Adore + Abhor
Top:  Kunglers // Blouse // Bronze // available @ TDR Fusion
Jeans:  Maitreya // Zipper Skinny Jeans
Shoes: BAX // Foxy Boots // Lychee // available @ TDR Fusion
Location: Just Visiting

#357 Zodiac

My space bar is kicking my butt today… *sigh* but onwards with the blog post! Been dreadfully slacking with Zodiac recently. I went to the last round but didnt blog anything from it (I dont think) even though I bought stuff! Rectifying that this round though – showcasing this lovely dress from Adore and Abhor and these pretty horns from Lassitude & Ennui! LOVE! Also the pose is from Di’s Opera. Di’s Opera is having a 50% off Sale on Fatpacks… so go buy all the poses!


Hair: Exile // Beyond the Waves // Rouge
Skin: Glam Affair // Amberly // America Clean Red
Horns: Lassitude & Ennui // Capricornus Mesh Horns // Dark and Silver  // available at Zodiac
Dress: Adore and Abhor // Capricorn // Nice // available at Zodiac
PoseDi’s Opera
Location: here

#337 I have no idea what to put here – HI

NEWNESS..I wish I could say how I busy I was this week and that explains why I havent blogged since Monday but nope Ive been a lazy blogger but that means I have a lot to catch up with blogging wise and decided to cram as much into one post as possible ❤

PXL have released a new VIP skin for VIP Group members. Adore and Abhor have released this collar for Twisted Krissmuss which starts TOMORROW (December 7th) and they are amaaaazing! The holiday eyes are for the Hunting for Winter Hunt and that starts on the 10th.

Incase any of you didnt know, until a couple of days ago I didnt own any Lamb Mesh Hair, mainly because I thought they were too flat on my avatar. Anyway, recently Lamb has released 2 new mesh hairs.. a plain version (that I am wearing) and a version with cat ears!L-O-V-E. Havent taken it off since I bought it!

The Lazy Blogger

Hair: Lamb
Eyes: Adore and Abhor
Collar: Adore and Abhor

#307 – PXL Sale – Faith

PXL make really cute skins. There is no doubt about it and at the moment they are having a sale for the latest PXL Skin – Faith! You must be a member of the VIP group in order to qualify for this discount and lasts for another 4 or so days.

PXL Sale - Faith

Hair: Wasabi Pills // Taylor // Pancake
Skin: [ PXL ] Faith // Sunkissed (with added Tattoo lip and eye layers!)
Freckles: Adore + Abhor //  Full Body Freckles
Necklace: [HANDverk] Bauhaus // Silver
Eyelashes: Beetlebones
Top: Cracked Mirror
Pose: !bang poses

#303 Resting Place

Resting Place is a new halloween event / game / idk whatever it is its amazing.. you play games, you solve puzzles, you get scared and you can get prizes!! Below I am showing some of the prizes available here… Go here for more information You are set in the scenario of being a Doctors Assistant at the Koszmar Institute!


Hair: Wasabi Pills // Izumi Mesh // Grass
Skin: Adore & Abhor // Pulse // Black // Resting Place
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer // Tokyo Tears // Black
Eye Make-Up: Adore & Abhor // Orange Feral Eyes // Resting Place
Horns: Somnia // Rawr Horns // Orange and Black // Resting Place
Dress: Somnia // Argyluarian Dress // Orange // Resting Place
Boots: Miel // Timber Boots
Pose: !bang poses

#285 Area Closed

Another on location blog! I swear they challenge me like nothing! and sometimes taking pictures against a white or plain background does not do the item you are blogging justice!! Anyway.. while doing the great Inventory Sort of ’12 (have no idea what im talking about? click here) I found this really pretty dress from SySy’s hiding away in my inventory (oops) and it also felt the perfect time to blog these awesome shoes from Adore and Abhor. I LOVE this shade of blue in the shoes. Im not a blue person usually and its one of the least colors I blog I think but I loved the bright blue!


Hair: Truth // Stevie // Cherry
Ears: Auxillary // the Arcade Gacha
Skin: Belleza // Shyla
Dress: Sysy’s // Glam Halter // Black
Nails: Izzies // 80’s Round Nails
Shoes: Adore and Abhor // Shimmer // Platform Pumps // Blue
Pose: Flowey // And the close up
Location: Voc Linda