#225 – FaMESHed

I really should be going to sleep but I started my dissertation (due in September) earlier today so Im a bit wired with ideas and stuff! So pardon me if my typing is just a bit shabby tonight (shabbier than usual I guess). Anyway! I meant to blog this outfit from Cracked Mirror FOREVER ago  and I actually have a picture floating about my other comp that I have taken.. and nearly written up! But since I am experimenting with pictures upping my photography a bit I decided to retake the whole photo! I bought the prop / pose from Adorkable Poses and its really cute! It comes with a few different poses but this one shows off the outfit bette!

The outfit is Cracked Mirror’s release for FaMESHed which I think ends around the 27th? Anyway you dont have long to go get it! The top and the skirt are sold seperately because there are several different colors of both so you can mix and match! Pretty cool eh?
Anyway before I ramble EVEN MORE. Credits are below the picture ❤


Hair: Wasabi Pills // Anais // Rouge
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Top: Cracked Mirror // Nicolette // Pale Yellow
Skirt: Cracked Mirror // Nicolette // Lavender Floral
Sandals and Feet: Slink
Pose Prop: Adorkale Poses // Framed!

SLURLS to the stores + creator names are here

#220 Zombie Popcorn Carnival – PREVIEW

I am going to start off this blog by stating two things… a) This is not a fashion blog post! Gasp! b) I am not a home and garden type blogger so my picture of the Rustic Pavillion from Trompe Loeil does not do it justice at all! There are a few on my flickr that I am not posting here that show the thing in its entirety but this is definately my fave pic of it! This is Trompe Loeil’s item for the ZP Carnival!

Trompe Loeil - Rustic Pavilion

Anyway – the Zombie Popcorn Carnival opens TOMORROW (15th) and features stores such as Razorblade Jacket, !bang, Bounce this! Sakide, Izzies and Ploom. A few shots of the sim are below.. i got a bit picture happy!

Zombie Popcorn Carnival - SIM

Zombie Popcorn Carnival SIM

Zombie Popcorn Carnival - SIM

Zombie Popcorn Carnival - SIM

Zombie Popcorn SIM

Click on them to go to my flickr so you can see a bigger version 🙂 More pictures and stuff will in later posts!

#184 More Pose Fair Goodness!

Pose Fair North
Pose Fair South

SLURLS ^^ To the 2 posefair sims!

The dress is a WONDERFUL free group gift from Siss Boom! And the very cute bag (with dancing troll graphic) is from Sleeping Koala @ the Kawaii Fair – it comes in so many colors and there is a version with hold animation or one without one!

!bang @ Pose Fair

Hair: Magika // Tangle // *MESH*
Skin: Glam Affair // Leah Med Tan
Dress: Siss Boom // Poppet Dress Doggy // *MESH* // GROUP GIFT (free)
Feet: SLINK // Womens Natural Barefeet // MESH RIGGED
Bag: [Sleeping Koala] // Dancing Troll // MESH
Pose: !bang @ Pose Fair

Love Me Brutal @ Pose Fair

Hair: Magika // Tangle // *MESH*
Skin: Glam Affair // Leah Med Tan
TankTop: [VG] // Beater Tank Top // Champagne
Shorts: Mon Tissu // Ginger // Bouquet
Boots: [Gos] // Mesh Wellingtons // Merlot
Pokeball: some random one on marketplace!
Pose: Love Me Brutal // Pokemon Trainer // POSE FAIR


Landmarks to the 2 pose fair sims! Pose Fair south has the stores with more adult stores on it! However both sims have pg you should really explore!
Pose Fair North
Pose Fair South

This is a random photo I took of me @ the pose fair yesterday! Its SUCH an awesome build!!

Pose Fair

For my first official post about the pose fair I am featuring 2 of the releases from Elymode *SLURL takes you to the posefair stall not the mainstore*

Elymode @ Pose Fair

Elymode @ Pose Fair

Hair: Elikatera // Over // Firey Reds // MESH
Skin: Glam Affair // Leah MedTan
Clothes: Elymode // Lifeguard Tank & Shorts
Prop & Pose: Elymode Poses // Lifeguard Chair // POSE FAIR

Elymode @ Pose Fair

Hair: Truth // Twila // Reds
Skin: Glam Affair // Leah MedTan // Clean Red
Top: Boom // Sport Tee // Teal
Shorts: Artilleri // Johanna Highwaist // Grey
Pose & Props: Elymode // PlayBall // POSE FAIR


#176 Wear Gray For A Day

Wear Gray For A Day is a two week charity event in second life to help raise funds for the American Brain Tumor Association. Lots of wonderful second life stores have come together to support this great event. Every store has exclusive items where all proceeds will go towards the charity.

Sway + Wear Grey

The furniture set from Sway is so cute and adorable and perfect for me. It comes with 10 poses, giving objects and lots of things you can decorate with.
Hair: Truth // Lykie // Reds *mesh*
Skin: Aura // Helena // Love Notes // Caramel
Top: Evolve // Kellie // Gray Matters // WEAR GRAY FOR A DAY
Pants: Elymode // Jolee Capris // Gray // WEAR GRAY FOR A DAY
Shoes: Gos // Pimp Your Pumps
Pose: Adorkable Poses // Coy

Furniture: Sways // Single bed Set // Haylie

#165 – Lighting and Shadows

– Like I have likely mentioned LOADS of times before I am a lazy blogger, it took me way too long to figure out how to use shadows / anti aliasing and I tend to get behind on stuff I am MEANT to blog as opposed to stuff I actually end up blogging.
– But today I stumbled upon a bunch of tutorials about lighting in SL and I wanted to try out something new since I feel a lot of my pictures have been in a bit of a rut...this tutorial was the one I followed for this picture
– Now I don’t claim to be a photographer, but eh what’s the harm in trying something new eh?


Skin: Aura // Helena // Honey // Gretta
Hair: Truth // Lykie w/Roots // Cherry *mesh*
Eyes: .:A&M:.// Winter Eyes // Glaciar
Top: Razorblade Jacket // Baseball Half Shirt // Crazy Bunny // March Hare Hunt
Necklace: Aura // Ethereal Prayer Beads // Sky *mesh*
Pose: !bang poses

#151 52 Weeks of Color – Folly

I am so behind on my 52 Weeks of Color Posts – sigh. This color really isnt like folly at all. But I really liked it so decided to wear it 😛

52 Weeks of Color

Hair: [e] Over // Firey Reds
Skin: Aura // Helena // Honey // Gretta (F.O.S)
Top: Paper.doll // Pandora // HotPink
Shorts: Mon Tissu // ginger // Bouquet
Pose: Frooti


Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Las%20Arenas%20Rosadas/99/103/21

#139 52 Weeks of Color – Alice Blue

52 Weeks of Color (Alice Blue)

This is week No 6 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge and the color is Alice Blue – which is another color that seems to vary a lot depending on peoples interpretations of it. I went for this lovely dress by Sassy.

The post if from !bang poses and the shoes are again from Duh! which I used last week but this time I got the boots in white.

The location is the very cute Winterfall Sim

Really excited for next weeks color which is “Folly” and going by the color pallet it seems to be a deep raspberry shade.