#337 I have no idea what to put here – HI

NEWNESS..I wish I could say how I busy I was this week and that explains why I havent blogged since Monday but nope Ive been a lazy blogger but that means I have a lot to catch up with blogging wise and decided to cram as much into one post as possible ❤

PXL have released a new VIP skin for VIP Group members. Adore and Abhor have released this collar for Twisted Krissmuss which starts TOMORROW (December 7th) and they are amaaaazing! The holiday eyes are for the Hunting for Winter Hunt and that starts on the 10th.

Incase any of you didnt know, until a couple of days ago I didnt own any Lamb Mesh Hair, mainly because I thought they were too flat on my avatar. Anyway, recently Lamb has released 2 new mesh hairs.. a plain version (that I am wearing) and a version with cat ears!L-O-V-E. Havent taken it off since I bought it!

The Lazy Blogger

Hair: Lamb
Eyes: Adore and Abhor
Collar: Adore and Abhor

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