#325 – Pose Appreciation Week – !Bang Poses

Yesterday I posted about one of my fave pose stores – aDORKable Poses! Today I am following on from that to share another

Monday aDORKable Poses|| Adorkable Peapod
Tuesday !Bang Poses || Trieste Minuet

Pose Appreciation Week - !bang poses

I first blogged !bang poses (or at least credited them) in January of this year and over the past 10 months I have built up my collection that at last check I had nearly 90% of her single poses . Its mad my collection.

Pose Appreciation Week - !bang poses

Like aDORKable Poses, !bang poses participates in several events (Around the World, Zodiac, Cinema to name a few) so you can always find something you like.

Pose Appreciation Week - !bang poses

What I LOVE about this store (other than the poses) is the store credit system – there is a VIP group you can join, and every so often VIPs can click on a sign in the store and gain STORE CREDIT (this is on top of the credit you gain while shopping + wearing your VIP tag). I love it when stores do this. Makes me want to shop their more often!

Pose Appreciation Week - !bang poses

Style Credits:

Hair: Exile
Skin: Leafy
Top: Haste for Unhinged
Jeans: Fri.day
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui for Unhinged

7 thoughts on “#325 – Pose Appreciation Week – !Bang Poses

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