#324 Pose Appreciation Week – aDORKable Poses


Fashion bloggers should. Because without poses in second life we would be stuck with the basic stance, which isnt very pretty. Pose Animations turn our pictures from the first picture into the second picture!

Pose Appreciation Week - aDORKable Poses

So how did Pose Appreciation week come about?
A couple of days ago on plurk Asthenia plurked about starting a Pose Appreciation Week on the SL Blogger Support Website. The basic idea of this is to show our fave posemakers and creators how much we love them! Each day this week I will be taking one of my fave pose stores and showing their poses and explaining why I love them!

Pose Appreciation Week - aDORKable Poses

Monday: aDORKable Poses // Adorkable Peapod

I first came across Adorkable Poses back about a year ago now.. i think.. back when I was a complete beginner blogger and I have always loved her poses since.

Pose Appreciation Week - aDORKable Poses

Adorkable seems to participate in SO MANY events (Zodiac, Festival of Sin, Cinema, Vintage Fair to name a few) and since a lot of her poses are themed you can always find a pose for what you need!! (Floor poses, standing poses, footwear poses!)

Pose Appreciation Week - aDORKable Poses

Adorkable Poses also has a great selection of couple poses and pose props on the second floor! (Don’t miss them – took me nearly 6 months to realise there WAS a second floor – im so blind) and a discount section too!

Pose Appreciation Week - aDORKable Poses

15 thoughts on “#324 Pose Appreciation Week – aDORKable Poses

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  2. Awesome post, I came to a screeching halt when I saw the pic of the store…I am trying to think timeline wise, because there wasn’t always a second floor, so maybe you are not as blind as you think 🙂 and I agree Adorkable is awesome ♥


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