Drex <3

Well this is my 200th Post! Pretty awesome thing right? For this I racked my brain to figure out how I could commerate this.. and well I had this picture sitting in my flickr for some time. And it is of my wonderful friend Drex! Hes so patient at letting me take pictures of him – he hops on and off pose balls – changes clothes when I dont like what he’s wearing and lets me drag him shopping when I need him to demo stuff.. :~)

Hair: Hype // Bailey
Skin: Redgrave // David
Shirt: Gentleman // Pulse
Pants: Hoorenbeek // Mesh Suit Pants
Shoes: Hoorenbeek // Devon
Pose: HISpose

I hope those SLURL’s are right! He just gave me the names of the stores and I had to find the SLURL’s on my own lol

One thought on “#200

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