I am at blog post #199? How freaking incredible is that!


The weather has been incredibly the past couple of days where I live! Even though I do not live by the beach (boo) or is it actually warm enough to put on swimwear.. nothing like that stops me in SL! This tankini set from Stellar is right up my street! The top is not too revealing and neither are the bottoms. Cause as in RL, I don’t like skimpy clothes in SL (though this will change in another blog post for a skin blog hehe). Orange seems to be my fave color this season – I have already shown you the dress from E! in orange (well tangerine) and now this tankini set!
Anyway – credits: (as usual slurls and store owners can be found here)

Hair: Elikatera // With // Firey Reds

Tankini – Stellar // Stripped Tankini // Orange


2 thoughts on “#199

  1. thank you! yeh before i started back at school i was doing one or 2 posts per day! that never happens now lol

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