I have never really participated in a blog challenge like this before..but this one seemed like fun so here goes! I was linked by the wonderful Tipsy who blogs here and well Tipsy is an awesomely funny blogger and person in general!

The Rules

1.  Link the Person that tossed the stick

2. Answer the Questions

3. Toss the Stick to 5 different persons

4. Tell the persons you throw a stick at them

5. Ask 5 new Questions

The Questions

1. How did you end up on Second Life?

C.S.I Episode. No Joke. I saw it on repeat one night.. and this was around the time i was trying my best to procrastinate with my undergrad dissertation and thought.. this looks cool.. Obviously my experience with SL was nothing like the tv show but I have loved the last 2 years in world all the same!

2. Name something you enjoy doing on Second Life that isn’t shopping related.

Going to a sex club (Dirty Dive f.y.i) that my friend owns.. and looking at all the funny people! I may get judged for that, and a lot of people that go there don’t believe I am not interested in sl sex and the stuff.. but I have known the people that own that place since I joined SL. They’re the closest thing I have to a family!

3. Who would win in a caged death match?  Eeyore or Winnie The Pooh?

Eeyore.. not sure.. i think secretly he has got some ninja moves stashed away for times like these

4. What is your guilty virtual pleasure?

I have no idea? if its non sl related I do love surfing tumblr for those ecards and pictures of cute kittens and puppies… one night the bf was at my house and he was sleeping (as you do when you see your girlfiend) and i was online.. apparently i woke him up (hah) from all the giggling laughing I was doing at this picture… its adorable right?

5.  Worst look you’ve ever sported on Second Life is…….


I wouldn’t say that it was the worst look ever.. but for the first 8 months of my SL Life I refused to upgrade my skin and shape or anything like that !

So what is left?

– Toss the Stick to 5 different persons
I chose:

Saffon Foxclaw – Saffon’s Place

Aevalah Nikolaidis – Pixels on Parade

Ohna – Oh Ohna

Veenya – V is for Veenya

Evelyn Hartshon – Evie’s Fashion Diary


1. What do you do on SL? (model , pose, blog, create w/e)
2. How long have you been on SL?
3. Is your current avatar your first one or is it an alt?
4. What store in sl could you spend a fortune in?
5. What made you join SL?

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