#157. Hollipocket // Somnia // An Idea

If everyone hasn’t had a chance to look.. I’ve put up a blogging tips page here. Before anyone thinks anything, I do not think I am a great blogger, far from it, im lazy and I dont have great pictures but my great plurk timeline helped me come up with a few tips for Novice Bloggers to help you get going. Check it out! It might help you even if you aren’t new!
I have a few new ideas coming for blog posts as well… Vendor Tips, Designer Tips, I know these have been done by people times and times again BUT it can’t hurt to have one more resource for bloggers out there!

Hollipocket // Somnia

Hair: Exile // Veronique // Light Reds
Skin: Aura // Briar // Berlin (Cream)
Top: Somnia // Militant Slut Jackets // Teal
Jeans: Hollipocket // Whore Couture Jeans // WCF
Shoes: UBU
Pose: !Bang Poses

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