#143 Aura + Love

Dear Firestorm,
Thank you for your very long awaited update. Before, when I tried to open you up, all I got was a lovely white window so I was stuck using other viewers with left me with nasty gridlines and didn’t have area search. Now, I can get pretty shadows and no gridlines. I can also see mesh on ultra graphics with shadows !!!. So what if the graphics are a tad pixelly? We can work on that but for now you have my viewer heart.
All my Love,
Jullie x

… and now onto the actual blog post. There is a new gacha fair to go spend your money at and one of the items you can get is this new sexy mesh dress from Aura


The hair is from [E] which, if you read my ode to firestorm up there, you can see I can finally blog properly !!

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