#122 Aura & Maitreya

If you stalk plurk / blog like me you will have seen these gorgeous Mesh Boots from Maitreya. Was actually really needing a pair of high heel shoes / boots to wear in order to take pictures of dresses & skirts. When these came along I automatically thought FATE. They’re slightly on the pricy side but I feel that they will get a lot of wear out of them and that’s why I bought the black so it would suit most items already in my inventory.

The dress is from Aura outlet on the Truth District Sim. This shop is also participating in the 50% off Sale this week which I mentioned in a previous post. Aura has released some really nice MESH bits of clothing recently and I believe that you will be silly not to pick them up while they are so cheap =D The dress comes in a lot of size options + colors so you can really pick the one you want. But it is sensible to try the demo on before you buy any mesh and also that you have a mesh compatible viewer!!

Aura + Maitreya
(click if you want the pic to go bigger)

The picture was taken at the Forgotten City Sim


Hair: Exile // Maren // sunset
Skin: Belleza // Alyson
Dress: Aura // Deschanel // Rigged Dress // Purple Dots
Boots: Maitreya // Devi Booties // Black
Pose: Olive Juice

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