#120 Shadows

As you could see I was very excited about having shadows on the Exodus Viewer. I spent a great deal of time yesterday downloading windlight settings from various websites and exploring KoinUp in order to find more places to take pictures! I found this really cute Isle Of Wight Sim which is actually one of the prettiest sims ever! According to the people I was talking to, there are hidden walkways, underground tunnels and loads of other stuff I have yet to explore!
It is just a ridiculously pretty sim!

But yeh I found my own lil quiet spot on the sim and decided to test out all the windlights that I had downloaded! =) These are some of the pictures that I have come up with




I also found this really nice Desert Sim (also found by using KoinUp) where I decided to take another picture =)



Hair: Exile // Maren Light Reds
Skin: Belleza // Alyson
Top: BG // Beater Tanktop // Champagne
Shorts: Mon Tissu // Ginger // Boquet
Poses: Olive Juice


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