#118 New Makeover

In SL I think I am a bit odd. I will most of the time, stay with the same hair / skin whatever for a long period of time. You usually have to BEG me to change them (I had the same 2x plastik skins for like a year) or you couldnt get me to stop using Truths hair either (not that there is anything WRONG with doing that I just wasnt getting to see a variety of designers.)
.. or other times I just get bored of what Im wearing and want to change NOW. That is what happened today. I wanted a new skin, hair, outfit … lol Heard about Exile hairs only last week (how? I dunno) and I AM IN LOVE. Went to Belleza for the skin because I loved the skin they gave away at christmas so went and sat for couple of hours tryin on most of the demos. Decided to go with this one, because it has a bit of color but the make up is plain enough that you can add other layers to it (the red lips of my previous skin didnt go with everything)

In other news So Many Styles are having a sale and even though I have never been to this store before (… again how?) I really liked all their items and picked up a few tops myself. Credits are below the picture

New Jullie Makeover

Hair: Exile // maren
Skin: Belleza // Alyson
Eyes: A&M // Winter Eyes // Glaciar // DEPRAVED RIOT SALE
Sweater: SMS // Belted Sweater Blue
Jeans: Fri.day // Designer Jeans // Dark Wash // Skinny
Pose: !Bang Poses

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