# 110 – Mesh

1) My lil Bloggy is 4 months old today! I still cant believe I am still doing this after 4 months which I know might not seem like a lot to most of you but with the shortest attention span ever it’s surprising :~P So Happy 4 month anniversary to me xD
2) I recently decided to switch over from Phoenix to one of those V2 / V2 viewers since well everyone scared me by sayin theyre gonna drop Phoenix soon and I thought I better get used to one of the newer viewers… So with this I decided to give myself a little make-over mesh wise! But unfortunately some people i know havent upgraded yet and I still look like this:

Mesh Blog

(complete with a sperm tip jar in the background. Classy.)

BUT this is how I looked like to me


Much Better Yes?

Hair: Wasabi Pills // Amandine Mesh Hair // Red Pack
Top: Maitreya Mesh // Athena Sweater // Cerise
Pants: Maitreya Mesh // Leather Leggings // Black
Boots: Coro // Mesh Boots // Brown

I first saw the leggings on this post on Berrys Blog and I fell in Love! Wasabi Pills seems to be the store to go to these days for mesh hair and I saw these boots on this blog via plurk and my first reaction was “omgineedthesegiveme” so as soon as I had money I bought =D I really wanted the pink but realistically I had more I could wear with the brown and therefore I had to be smart. Ya never know I might buy the pink someday! 😀

3) On other news. I finally got the graphics card on my laptop fixed! Woot! Which means I can take pretty shadows like this:

Shadows =D


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