#83. This week @ Sour Pickles

It is all Christmassy this week =D

1. Monday Mania – Only 25L

Enjoy the taste of the oven with this freshly baked chocolate chip cookies inside of this adorable green snowflake themed cookie jar. This set includes two version, one with cookies that dispenses cookies to eat when clicked, which is 5 prims, and a second jar completely empty for a mere 1 prim. (taken from NC)

Sour Pickles

2. Fifty5 Thursday – Only 55L

Let the seasons be merry in snowglobe form. This tiny christmas tree snowglobe has a scene of two xmas trees, paired with two different presents on a bed of snow. This snowglobe is 16 prims. (taken from NC)

Sour Pickles

3. Gothmas by Gaslight (Dec 15th – Jan 15th)

This cool bedroom set =D Think its for kid avatars or in my case ridiculously short adult ones :~)

Sour Pickles

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