#69. New Releases at Flirt & Anymore

Flirt + Spearsong are both participating at the Candy Cane Fair which is a holiday market on the Kastle Rock Sim. Its running between November 21st-December 25th and is running at the same time as Candy Cane hunt.
Flirt have released some holiday make ups including ruby red lips but my fave so far has been this rudolph face paint that could really easily be part of a holiday costume


Cute isnt it?

This is the flirt booth @ the Candy Cane Fair

Flirts Booth @ Candy Cane Fair

This is the spearsong booth @ the Candy Cane Fair


Anymore have released these 4 very cute dresses :~) Finally found a reason to wear these Tube Socks from Miss Murder :~)

Anymore *new releases*

Hair: Truth + [elikatira]
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Myth
Dress: *Anymore // Baseball Dress // blue, green, pink + red *NEW RELEASE*
Socks: Miss Murder // Tube Socks
Poses: Studio Sidhe // Unisex Model Poses *NEW RELEASE*

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