#50. Happy Halloween :-) Croire // Poised

Happy Halloween all!! I hope you had a very good weekend and if you are celebrating today enjoy :~)
First up is a gift from Poised! Who I have featured a few times on this blog (i love their stuff!!) If you are a member of their group you will be able to claim this little goody!!

Poised (Group Gift)

Hair: Truth // Elysium // Blood
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Myth // Decembrice
Dress: Poised // FunnyGirl // Lace // November Gift
Boots: Kboots // Black

I have already linked their stuff here and this is another color of that dress 😀 I pretty much love it – really cute!!

Next up is a couple of items from Croire! The first one is a ghost decal / rug which is perfect for halloween and some spooky lipsticks which I have tried to show as best I could.. good thing about these ones is that they arent too over the top – more subtle than anything else. Also, if you know any really nice close up poses that you could tell me let me know! ❤


Hair: truth //rayne // night
Skin: plastik // lionheart // myth // decembrice
Outfit: Velvet Bat
Boots: kboots // black
Ghost Rug: [croire] halloween decal/rug (ghost)
Lipsticks: [croire] mischief night lip gloss set (poison, slime and witch)

That is all for today!! Gearing up for the Dirty Turkey Hunt which I am more than excited about!! Expect more posts about that coming this week!!!


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