#39. Grenade Free Wednesday + Anymore

Was contacted by Rosalee Canning from Sweet Bites about their item for GFW @ the jersey shore and I couldnt pass up this opportunity!

Grenade Free Wednesday (Sweet Bites Pumpkin)

Hair: Truth // Cassandra // Jupiter
Top: HolliPocket // Lacey Long Top // Strawberry
Jeans: HollliPocket // Faded Whisker jean // Grey Blue
Shoes: UBU PornStar // Lo-Tops
Pumpkins/Pose/Mouth Thing: Sweet Bites (Candy Corn Nom + Carving Pumpkin)

Perfect for decorating your house / club for halloween! You also get mouth + hand attachments as well! :~)

Anymore have released these gorgous dresses only $99l each!!! Click here

to tp and get them :~)


Hair: Truth // Cady // Light Browns
Skin: Illusory // Paige // DeepTan // Winter
Make Up: Flirt // Eyeliner 4
Dresses: Anymore … Dots (pink/white + white/pink)


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