#35. Tutorial One: Blending

// Make sure you have photoshop open!
1. We are going to use these pictures of my avi….
otherwise you can always use a picture of your own avi just make sure both pictures have blank backgrounds so its easier to blend! 🙂
2. Select the first picture (CTRL + A or CMD + A) copy it (CTRL + C or CMD + C) and post it on top of your second picture
3. Using the move arrow position the picture you just pasted over to the right a little so that the top avi doesnt cover the bottom avi) dont worry if the background covers it you will be deleting that in just a second
3a. If you need to, take the opacity of the top layer down to 50% so that you can judge more clearly ( see picture below)
Tutorial One: Pic #3
4. Now you need to select the eraser tool – make sure it is a medium size with about 30% hardness
5. With the top layer selected start to erase away the background so that you can see the other avatar underneath without deleting the avatar on the top layer
Tutorial One: Pic #4
6. Now all you have to do it crop away the colored background (leaving just the white). Use the crop tool and select the area of the picture that you would like to remain in your final photograph
Tutorial One: Pic #5
7. After this you should flatten your layers (so it becomes all one picture!)
Layer –> Flatten Image
and you should be left with this:
Tutorial One: Pic #6

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