#30 Flirt Cometics

As I have mentioned before one of my friends, Nina, and her husband Jared have 2 stores Spearsong and Flirt. I already have mentioned Spearsong here. And I really love their stuff 🙂 Now they have come out with a girly line of eyeliners, belts and lipsticks ( and some guyliner too :~P) which I have also been very fortunate to blog here at [AAB] so check them out! Im so excited to see what other stuff they will bring out in the future so keep your eyes posted and join their groups in world 🙂


Belts: Flirt // Leather Belt // White / Black
(I have never been very good at wearing belts in SL because I never got them to fit but these fit pretty well only took a little bit of resizing for them to fit my avi)


Lipstick: Flirt // Leopard Lips // Rose Red


Eyeliner (Heavy): Flirt // Sexy Eyeliners // Heavy


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