#29. Sour Pickles & American Bazaar

Well havent done  alot of hunt stuff in the last couple of weeks so got a post full of that today!! Sour Pickles are doing a twist of fruits hunt and I must say the items from this hunt are really great! High quality.. the usual. Expect more posts over the next couple of days!! (Actually got a post from Flirt Comestics happening tomorrow :)) and following this a new hunt item from American Bazaar for the For the love of…. hunt that starts today (October 10th)

AlterEgo (Sour Pickles Hunt)

Hair: Maitreya // Lotus // Almond
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale // Bare // Pout
Dresses: AlterEgo // Dolled Up (peach and grape) // Twist of Fruit Hunt gift – FREE

Sour Pickles (DivaLicious)

you might want to click on the picture to see the full thing – the picture is too big for the layout of this blog :/

Hair: Lamb // heart // restaurant Ketchup
Skin: Plastik // lionheart // tale // bare// pout
Outfit:*DivaLicious* // Twist of Fruit // Free

Sour Pickles (Segundo)

Hair: Truth // Ann // Blood
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale // Bare
Outfit: Segundo // Twist of Fruit Hunt // FREE

[American Bazaar Item]

American Bazaar

Hair: Truth // Florence 2 // Ivory
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale // Pout
Outfit: [American Bazaar] CindyNipple Dress // White


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