#27. Graffitiwear & Anymore

Nearly Halloween people! and all you wonderful wonderful designers are getting into the spirit of things… which is just great as I freaking love halloween!!! Got a few halloween pictures from last year to show you all :~) at the end of this post so keep reading!! First up Graffitiwear has released some new halloween items … they have released some tank tops (for men) and tops + leggings for the ladies.. Now im gonna say something I might get in trouble for but I wasnt too fussed on the ladies tops (the prim was a completly different color from the actual top :/) but i LOVED the male tank tops and wore them instead :~P) The leggings are perfect for wearing on their own or in an outfit 🙂 Im excited for all the halloween releases to come soon :~)

Graffitiwear (Halloween)

Hair: Truth // Lanie // Cocoa
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale // Pout
Tops: Graffitiwear // Halloween Tanks // $100 for all 3 tops 🙂

Graffitiwear (Halloween)

Leggings:Graffitiwear // Spiderweb Leggins // $35 per legging
Boots: Kboots // Marketplace

The next item is a cute accessory from Anymore. Toaster Pillow that comes with a clutch / holding / hugging animation (not sure what to call it xD)
Toaster Pillow

Outfit: As seen here

Pillow: Anymore….Plush Toast Pillow $70L

[Average at Best]


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