#20. Sorry for the break but back on track! =D

It was my birthday on wednesday! So I was away celebrating but its now friday and im back on track! Took this photograph on Wednesday so I could have something to post quickly when I came back while I sort through all the notices n stuff (gah so many can be sent in a 3 day window!!!)

Just wanted to say that I LOVE THESE BOOTS. I have them in pink and pewter and they are so GODDAMN sexy BUT they are a bitch and a pain to re size!! But im my honest opinion they are so worth it!!!Theyre so cute 😀 They are from the same people that make the Doc Boots that Ive posted about here (which i have in both silver and purple!!) Such a boot whore 😀 ANYWAY back to the picture 🙂

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Clothing Info:
Hair: Truth // Sylvia // Auburn
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale
Dress: Moloko // ABBH HUNT GIFT (free)
Jacket: Grasp // Leather Jacket / Womens
Boots: [Gos] GTFO Boot // Bubblegum /// Female

Expect a post later today with more info!! (While I was writing this an idea for the blog popped into my head 😀 More infos later!


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