#12. I’ve got some bad ideas involving you and me…

Soooooo tried to do another hunt today :~) Got like 6/10s of the way through and I took 3 pictures :~)
American Bazaar Birthday Hunt

Left: Top and Skirt : Orange Flower Mini Skirt and White Tank // Kenndys // ABBH GIFT
Hair: Truth // Cady // Almond
Shoes: UBU // Pornstar // Lo-Tops

Right –Exactly the same as left except Skirt Kennedys // Blue Flower Mini Skirt



American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Bra / Leggings / Skirt: Shush // Sexy Party // ABBH GIFT
Youve seen everything else before so why list it 😛

American Bazaar Birthday Hint (2011)

Hair: !lamb. Poppyseed // Kinda Blueberry
Dress: Urban Republic // ABBH HUNT GIFT
Boots: Kboots





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