#5. She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor

Finished the Twisted Hunt =D Still have like 125 gifts to go through and sort and just for a different change of pace I thought that I would show you another hunt that I am participating in :~) Fallen & Depraved is a much short and easier (lol) hunt but the stores in this hunt are OMG! good. Definately quality over quantity :~) Having a much more fun time on this hunt…

OK the first outfit is from the first store Razorblade Jacket which I loved! I had to put some ya know tit tape on my avi cause she was showing 😛 but its a nice top :~D You get the gloves as well in this gift

Fallen & Depraved (2011)I also really like these jeans they are another gift from Twisted Hunt but they are for another day :~)

Second picture is from Heap! Which is a really cute and unique store in that its not a store.. really… you get a house in a box with this gift which I cant really explain except you just have to look

Fallen & Depraved Hunt (2011)I was right.. it really is a HOUSE in a BOX,,, lmao!

Ok if you dont know this about me is thats I love slogan t-shirt. When gladrags closed down I went really hectic in their sale buying up everything before it was no more 😦 So I really loved it when A&M’s gift was a slogan t-shirt… and the naughtier the better IMO!
Fallen & Depraved Hunt (2011)Thats all for now 🙂


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