#4. Skin that flick she’s such a little dj

Eyes Eyes Eyes and more Eyes!! Realised that the next few prizes from the Hunts focused on eye make up or creepy scary eyes! So I decided to put 3 of them into a post!! Had fun with these ones. Edited this pictures just a little bit in photoshop to make them more spookier :~)

The make up in the  first picture is from Sn@tch and with this set you get both make up and sets of eyes! I went with the black / smoke varieties of the both and combined it with light grey hair! (similar to their advert) I think these eyes are pretty damn good and with the make up you get so many different colors you can co ordinate with whatever outfit you are wearing :~) Getting so much for free in this one!!
Sn@tch @ Twisted Hunt 2011

This second picture is from Lolapop! In this set you get the eyes and the necklace which are both green shaped =D They are the perfect addition to a halloween outfit (maybe a witch?!)

Lolapop! @ Twisted Hunt (2011)


This last picture is definately the most spooky of the 2 and it came about as I was messing about with blur effects in photoshop. Just the eyes in this one (tears are an addicted tattoo layer!) But with this one you do get a good selection of eyes that are all as creepy as the rest ! :~)

Repulse @ Twisted Hunt (2011)

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