#3. Running from my past I’m praying feet don’t fail me now!

3 more pictures for your viewing pleasure :~) 3 more gifts from the Twisted Hunt!! The first one is another one of the many fairy outfits that you can get! This one so far is the one that has impressed me the most just purely for the high quality of the outfit (that and it went pretty well with my hair and skin that I had on :~)

Cold as Ice

I dont usually show this much flesh when wearing an outfit (on SL im quite a prude LOL) but I really liked this outfit and would definately wear it again for Halloween or Themed parties

Other outfit information:

Hair: Truth // Florence // Black and Whites

Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Saga // August

Cracked Gift (Twisted Hunt 2011)

The second picture was taken by accident .. I went to a sandbox in order to rez the gift  – from  Cracked (had to go to one that allowed scripts since I couldnt see the sit animations!).. while I was waiting for this to rez someone else decided to sit in it! So I figured why not Ill just take the picture with him (I think it was a him!!) in it instead… thanks random stranger!
Treasured Cove Gift (Twisted Hunt 2011)

This last picture took soooo much effort. This is a lounge from Treasured Cove and I realised I couldnt take a picture of some of the poses with just me so I decided to log in using my alts :/ Try having 3 different viewers open at the same time + photoshop + itunes + messenger + other stuff :/ My computer near had a fit while taking it LOL. So the picture isnt great cause I was just happy to get A picture.. :~)

Left -> Holly
Middle -> Me
Right -> Crash (my guy alt.. used to try out couples poses!)


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