#334 FLF + Bees Through the Season

Today if Fifty Linden Friday and I think its pretty awesome!! I love these shoes from Ingenue actually adorable and the earrings + necklace are both from Glow Studio (50L each) but I have to say my fave items from this week are the CUTE Vouboo’s from Schadenfreude – they are a preview kinda from Schadenfreude’s item for the Arcade Gacha event which starts soooooon! Adorable.

Fifty Linden Friday + Bees Through the Season

Hair: Exile // Set Freee // Rouge
Skin: Al Vulo // Eleonor // Sunkissed + Freckles
Earrings: Glow Studio // Amore // Gold / Silver // FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY
Necklace: Glow Studio // Dark Crystals // FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY
Dress: Ingenue // Tulp // Spring Green // BEES THROUGH THE SEASON
Shoes: Ingenue // Alair // Berry // FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY
Pose: !bang poses
Vouboo’sSchadenFreude // FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY

#333 TDR Blue

Another quick Look of the Day featuring a couple of items from TDR Blue <3


Hair: Exile // The Only Exception // Rouge
Skin: Al Vulo // Eleonor // Sunkissed
Earrings: Glow Studio // Dream On Earrings // TDR Blue
T-shirt: Fri. // Ballet Tee // Cloud
Corset: Auxillary // Grimm // Vintage // TDR Blue
Leggings: Q – Iced Leggings
Pose: Marukin

#332 Zodiac & TDR Blue

Sooooooo I finally got a look around Zodiac and The Dressing Room Blue today -couple of cute items! Adorable Cardigan from Bilo for Zodiac and this bag for TDR Blue and I HAD TO HAVE. It was one of those purchases – I rarely BUY bags in SL let alone blog them but this one was so adorable I had to!! *sigh*  

Zodiac + TDR

Hair: Exile // Beyond the Waves // Rouge
Skin: Al Vulo // Eleonor + Freckles
Necklace: Kunglers // Beaded Necklace // TDR Blue
Jacket: Bilo // Munira Cardigan // Pine // Zodiac
T-shirt: Fri.day
Jeans: Fri.day // Designer Jeans // Dark Wash
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui // Suede Boots // Black
Bag: TokiD // Elephant Bag // Light  // TDR Blue
Pose: Label Motion // TDR Blue

#331 With Love Hunt….

Quick look of the day post today <3 Managed to get a preview at some of the With Love Hunt  gifts that starts on November 30th. I fell in love with this sweater from  Mijn Boutique and pared with with my boots from Lassitude & Ennui which I dont ever take off these days I think. Keep checking the blog for more updates on the hunt!


Hair: Wasabi Pills // Joy // Lemon Tea
Skin: Al Vulo // Eleonor // Natural Dark Brow // Sunkissed
Sweater: Mijn Boutique / Wool Blocks  //  WITH LOVE HUNT *coming soon*
Jeans: Fri.day // Designer Jean // Dark Wash
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui // Suede Boots // Black
Pose: Marukin

#330 Pose Appreciation Week – KaTink

Today is the last day of Pose Appreciation Week! Like yesterdays, todays was suggested by Kitty DeVeauxKaTink!

Monday aDORKable Poses|| Adorkable Peapod || Post
Tuesday - !Bang Poses || Trieste Minuet || Post
Wednesday – Exposeur || RubyStarlight Writer || Post
Thursday Flowey || Flutter Memel || Post
Friday – Marukin ||  Valencia  Southard || Post
Saturday – Diesel Works || Rogan Diesel || Post
SundayKaTink ||  Annemarit Jarvinen

Pose Appreciation Week - KaTink

I own quite a few of KaTinks photo scenes (back before it rebranded ,when it was PNP) and they are just PERFECT for the lazy blogger like myself Instead of trying to find a sim for your photo you can just rez an object and voila! Instand scenary! KaTink also sell a huge range of background scenes, single poses and couple poses so you will always find something that you will need. At any given time there are also items on offer and discounted items and group gifts for KaTink Group Members!

Pose Appreciation Week - KaTink

Hair: Decoy
Skin: Al Vulo
Top: Razorblade Jacket
Jeans: Fri.day
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui

#329 Pose Appreciation Week – Diesel Works

Todays Pose Store was suggested  by my friend Kitty DeVeaux  and it is Diesel Works

Monday aDORKable Poses|| Adorkable Peapod || Post
Tuesday - !Bang Poses || Trieste Minuet || Post
Wednesday – Exposeur || RubyStarlight Writer || Post
Thursday Flowey || Flutter Memel || Post
Friday – Marukin ||  Valencia  Southard || Post
SaturdayDiesel Works || Rogan Diesel

Pose Appreciation Week - Diesel Works

Diesel Works is a high quality pose store that sells both single poses, couples poses and pose props. Be sure to check it out!

Pose Appreciation Week - Diesel Works

Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Al Vulo
Top: Fri.day
Skirt: E! Eclectic Apparel
Boots: G Field

Can’t believe there is only one day left! Be sure to check it out :-)

#328 Pose Appreciation Week – Marukin

I can’t believe we are onto Day 5!! Only 2 more days! Today is Marukin!

Monday aDORKable Poses|| Adorkable Peapod || Post
Tuesday - !Bang Poses || Trieste Minuet || Post
Wednesday – Exposeur || RubyStarlight Writer || Post
Thursday Flowey || Flutter Memel
FridayMarukin ||  Valencia  Southard

Pose Appreciation Week - Marukin

Marukin is a Pose Store I havent known for long! You can see Marukin usually at C88 where the poses are so ridiculously cheap.  There arent any props or couple poses (THAT I SEE – but I am blind) so its really just plain blogging poses but cant have enough of those!

Pose Appreciation Week - Marukin

One of the best things about these poses is that there is barely any movement. They are plain and simple standing poses. Like I’ve said before with other stores sometimes you want a pose that shows off the outfit without being over the top. You get that here. So TP to Marukin and spend spend spend!

Hair: Lelutka
Skin: Belleza (FLF)
Top: E! Eclectic Apparel (24 hour Black Friday sale)
Jeans: Fri.day
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui // L’accessoires

#327 – Pose Appreciation Week – Flowey

Can’t believe we are onto Day 4 of the Pose Appreciation Week!


Monday aDORKable Poses|| Adorkable Peapod || Post
Tuesday - !Bang Poses || Trieste Minuet || Post
Wednesday – Exposeur || RubyStarlight Writer || Post
Thursday - Flowey - Flutter Memel

Pose Appreciation Week - FLOWEY

Flowey was another pose store I found through Plurk so to me its relatively new

Pose Appreciation Week - FLOWEY

I don’t have as many of her poses as I would liked right now (but I am slowly catching up!). One of my fave things about this store is the poses are so simple! Sometimes you just dont want a pose that has a lot of movement (especially with mesh) and you want something that will show off your outfit the best. That is what you can get here.

Pose Appreciation Week - FLOWEY

Flowey can be seen every so often in FLF (CHEAP POSES HELLO?) so be sure to watch out for that!! Flowey has also been in a round of FAIR in a collaboration with Art Dummy. Flutter Memel is also involved in Atelier Kreslo which is an event in which two designers are matched up to create a seat which will be offered for the period of a month until the next collaboration. Im sure you will all agree that collaborations are AWESOME

Pose Appreciation Week - FLOWEY

Hair: Wasabi Pills
Skin:  Al Vulo
Top: Auxillary
Jeans: Maitreya
Boots: Ison

#326 Pose Appreciation Week – Exposeur Poses

This is day 3 of the Pose Appreciation Week .. to recap.. on Monday I blogged about Adorkable Poses and yesterday I blogged about !Bang poses .

Monday aDORKable Poses|| Adorkable Peapod
Tuesday - !Bang Poses || Trieste Minuet
WednesdayExposeur || RubyStarlight Writer

Pose Appreciation Week - EXPOSEUR

Exposeur I stumbled upon one day on plurk when I wanted a list of pose stores. A lot of people suggested Exposeur so I decided to tp there and check it out. I was hooked from the moment I tp’d in. Conveniently  this was also around the time of the sale (i think) so I managed to pick up loads of lots of poses for cheap.

Pose Appreciation Week - EXPOSEUR

Ruby, as many of you know, is also the Owner of  The Hootie Cooterati Experience  that has organised such events such as Festival of Sin, Cinema and the monthly event Zodiac (of which there are regular releases).

Pose Appreciation Week - EXPOSEUR

As I said before with !bang poses, there is a VIP group to join for the store where regular VIP gifts are released. Its totally worth the price fee to join.

Pose Appreciation Week - EXPOSEUR

Style Credits:

Hair: Magika // Quote
Skin: Al Vulo // Eleonor // Sunkissed
Top: Zaara // Sanya Draped Top // Peacock @ FaMESHed
Jeans: Maitreya // Zipper Skinny Jeans
Shoes: The Secret Store // Lovable Pumps // Prussian Blue

#325 – Pose Appreciation Week – !Bang Poses

Yesterday I posted about one of my fave pose stores – aDORKable Poses! Today I am following on from that to share another

Monday - aDORKable Poses|| Adorkable Peapod
Tuesday - !Bang Poses || Trieste Minuet

Pose Appreciation Week - !bang poses

I first blogged !bang poses (or at least credited them) in January of this year and over the past 10 months I have built up my collection that at last check I had nearly 90% of her single poses . Its mad my collection.

Pose Appreciation Week - !bang poses

Like aDORKable Poses, !bang poses participates in several events (Around the World, Zodiac, Cinema to name a few) so you can always find something you like.

Pose Appreciation Week - !bang poses

What I LOVE about this store (other than the poses) is the store credit system – there is a VIP group you can join, and every so often VIPs can click on a sign in the store and gain STORE CREDIT (this is on top of the credit you gain while shopping + wearing your VIP tag). I love it when stores do this. Makes me want to shop their more often!

Pose Appreciation Week - !bang poses

Style Credits:

Hair: Exile
Skin: Leafy
Top: Haste for Unhinged
Jeans: Fri.day
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui for Unhinged