#228 Fri.day Mesh + 22769 for Depraved Summer Hunt

Y’all know how much I am in love with my fri.day jeans. I nearly wear them in every post that I can and its because them that I have not upgraded to mesh jeans yet hah! Well Fri.day has now started releasing mesh items and the collection has started with some basic mesh tank tops. Now you may say, “I have too many tank tops.. pfft what is so special about these?” They fit my avi PERFECTLY. Thats what. I do have to wear an XSmall with them but it fits just magically.
Shorts are another thing that I havent been able to upgrade to mesh yet. however 22769 have, as their gift, for the Depraved Summer Hunt this adorale pair of mesh denim shorts! And again, they fit me pretty snug. Now weird gaps, no changing of shape (which I will do, but personally hate) and since they are a hunt gift they are FREE! You have until July 15th to pick up the shorts!

A quick note about the hair. Its one of the newest releases from Wasabi Pills available at the Fairy Tale Event and it is partially rigged mesh. That means that the pony tail at the back is rigged but the fringe (bangs whatever :P) is non rigged mesh so you can adjust it to whatever size you want. I am wearing mine just a bit bigger than in the advert.

Also how much did I write today? haha so unlike me!

Blog #228

Hair: Wasabi Pills // matchgirl Mesh Hair // Fairy Tales Event
Skin: izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Tank: Fri. // Friday.Tank // Oatmeal // MESH
Shorts: 22769 // Hotpants [femme] //DEPRAVED SUMMER LOVE HUNT GIFT
Pose: !bang // Stand 231

SLURLS to the stores + creator names are here


#227 T.O.S.L

Do not think I am going to be able to blog much this weekend so just a warning! Anyway T.O.S.L is currently celebrating its 2nd Birthday on SL  by having this MASSIVE hunt featuring some amazing stores.Also Leverocci is having a 1st bithday sale as well which is where I picked up this cute shirt from..

TOSL Hunt Info

When?: June 15th – July 15th
Starting Location: Alexohol
Blog: Here

T.O.S.L Blog Post

Hair: Elikatira // Locked
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Shirt: Leverocci // Soft Satin Blouse // White
Shorts: Mon Tissu
Shoes: [Gos] // Espadrilles // Tie Dye // T.O.S.L Hunt
Bag:  evolve // hodgepodge.satchel // T.O.S.L Hunt
Pose: Glitterati // React

SLURLS to the stores + creator names are here

#226 Plastik Dollarbie Goodness

I love Plastik… and who doesnt love a good dollarbie // freebie // cheapie these days? Well when I logged in earlier today I was told to tp straight to Plastik because there was a box of lovely items for $1L – yeh ONE LINDEN! You get all this . Yeh.. all that! Anyway – the dress in this pic is one of the items in the box. I already owned a few different colors of this dress so I was really excited to see a version of this was included!


Hair: Elikatira // Locked
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Dress: [Plastik]-Courtesan-Sea // PART OF THE DOLLARBIE BOX
Feet: Slink // Mesh Feet
Pose / Prop: Exposeur // Shadow Box // Suspension

SLURLS to the stores + creator names are here

#225 – FaMESHed

I really should be going to sleep but I started my dissertation (due in September) earlier today so Im a bit wired with ideas and stuff! So pardon me if my typing is just a bit shabby tonight (shabbier than usual I guess). Anyway! I meant to blog this outfit from Cracked Mirror FOREVER ago  and I actually have a picture floating about my other comp that I have taken.. and nearly written up! But since I am experimenting with pictures upping my photography a bit I decided to retake the whole photo! I bought the prop / pose from Adorkable Poses and its really cute! It comes with a few different poses but this one shows off the outfit bette!

The outfit is Cracked Mirror’s release for FaMESHed which I think ends around the 27th? Anyway you dont have long to go get it! The top and the skirt are sold seperately because there are several different colors of both so you can mix and match! Pretty cool eh?
Anyway before I ramble EVEN MORE. Credits are below the picture <3


Hair: Wasabi Pills // Anais // Rouge
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Top: Cracked Mirror // Nicolette // Pale Yellow
Skirt: Cracked Mirror // Nicolette // Lavender Floral
Sandals and Feet: Slink
Pose Prop: Adorkale Poses // Framed!

SLURLS to the stores + creator names are here

#224 Hair Fair Contest

The hair fair starts in little under a month and during June the organiers are holding a Hair Fair Contest with the theme of Freedom. The below picture is my entry.. I am not too sure how this relates to the theme of freedom (my very loose interpretation is that freedom is the choice to wear clothes in unusual situations… I mean seriously.. who wears a swimsuit in the rain while doing Ballet poses – SL Gives you the freedom to do this! yeh.. that works.. I think)

Hair Fair 2012 - Entry

Wasabi Pills is one of my fave hair stores which is why I picked to feature the store in the picture! Credits for the rest of the picture is below

Hair: Wasabi Pills // Jacqueline // Rouge
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Swimsuit: Sn@tch // Bettie Swimsuit // Rose
Sandals + Feet: Slink
Pose: Adorkable // En Point

As always – SLURLS + Store Owners names are available here

#223 Zombie Popcorn Carnival & Fashion Cache

Some really cute things here for you! Evolve has released a bunch of cute sundresses for the newest round of the Fashion Cache. Also the beach towel is from What Next (again there are a lot of colors) and this is a release for the Zombie Popcorn Carnival (you can see my other post about it here ) Trying to take more outdoor shots for the blog so I hope you like! The location is Crossing Currents 
New Blog

Hair: Ploom / Flint
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Dress: Evolve // Clemtine // Daylight.Fading @ Fashion Cache
Shoes: Slink // Ilena // Gold
Feet: Slink // Womens Natural Barefeet // Rigged Mesh
Beach Towel: What Next // Riviera Beach Towel // Blue Stripes @ Zombie Popcorn Carnival

As always – SLURLS + Store Owners names are available here

#222 Depraved Summer Love Hunt

What? Depraved Summer Love Hunt
Starting Point? Razorblade Jacket
When? June 15 – July 15th
Who? This event is GRIDEWIDE therefore lots of stores!
How Much? Best kind of hunt = FREE!
Blog (with hints): here

The Depraved Nation Hunts are definately one of my fave hunts out there! Didnt get to blog the last one though cause it was right in the middle of school deadlines but the newest hunt started yesterday! Now I havent finished the hunt yet so there are only a couple of pictures right now but the top from Bubble and the outfit was Sakide are so CUTE! (yall already know about my crush on Sakide hah)

Depraved Summer Love Hunt

Hair: Wasabi Pills // Anais 2 // Rouge
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Top: [bubble] // Summer Jammy (DSL HUNT – FREE) *comes with shorts but not worn*
Shorts: Mon Tissu // Ginger // Bouquet
Pose: Adorkable // Chill

Depraved Summer Love Hunt

Hair: Ploom // Flint
Skin: Izzies // Estella // Sunkissed
Outfit: Sakide // Grungy Summer Outfits // (DSL HUNT – FREE) *also comes in white*
Pose: Glitterati

As always – SLURLS + Store Owners names are available here

#221 Fifty Linden Friday

Note to self, never blog with the boyfriend in the same room. He just makes fun of anything second life related.

Anyway – this is the first time I have properly blogged on my laptop! Shadows and everything are so much better (I can finally get shadow quality up to 4.0 rather than sitting at a piddly 2.0 on my mac! lol) – This is also the first time I have blogged Fifty Linden Friday! Yes, its back!

Fifty Linden Friday

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ // Alice Mesh Hair // Rouge *new*
Skin: Izzie’s // Estella Skin // Sunkissed
Dress: One Bad Pixel // Babytux // Plum // Fifty Linden Friday
Necklace: Ingenue  // Elements Necklace //  Fifty Linden Friday
Feet: Slink // Womens Natural Barefeet // (Mesh Rigged)
Shoes: Slink // Margot Ballet Slippers // Black
Pose / Prop: GLITTERATI // Blind //Fifty Linden Friday

As always – SLURLS + Store Owners names are available here

#220 Zombie Popcorn Carnival – PREVIEW

I am going to start off this blog by stating two things… a) This is not a fashion blog post! Gasp! b) I am not a home and garden type blogger so my picture of the Rustic Pavillion from Trompe Loeil does not do it justice at all! There are a few on my flickr that I am not posting here that show the thing in its entirety but this is definately my fave pic of it! This is Trompe Loeil’s item for the ZP Carnival!

Trompe Loeil - Rustic Pavilion

Anyway – the Zombie Popcorn Carnival opens TOMORROW (15th) and features stores such as Razorblade Jacket, !bang, Bounce this! Sakide, Izzies and Ploom. A few shots of the sim are below.. i got a bit picture happy!

Zombie Popcorn Carnival - SIM

Zombie Popcorn Carnival SIM

Zombie Popcorn Carnival - SIM

Zombie Popcorn Carnival - SIM

Zombie Popcorn SIM

Click on them to go to my flickr so you can see a bigger version :) More pictures and stuff will in later posts!

#219 Stellar

I usually blog alot earlier than this during the day, but my really bad sleeping schedule that ive had recently has finally caught up on me and i slept for about 7 hours during today. So sorry that Im a bit late with this one! I really loved this dress since it was released (pretty much love all of Lexi’s store). I dont wear an awful lot of dresses IRL because I dont feel like I have the figure to wear them, but in SL dresses are my obsession! This dress is in the shade “pink”  but there are 4 different colors you can choose from.


Hair: Elikatira // Return // Firey Reds
Skin: Glam Affair // Mia Natural // Disco B @ Collabor88
EyesFateEyes @ Marketplace
Lashes: Beetlebones
Dress: Stellar // Southern Comfort Sundress // Pink
Pose: !bang – 106 (I think ive used this pose about 10 times before but it really is one of my all time favorite poses)


As always – SLURLS + Store Owners names are available here