#22. Three posts in one day? Obsessive!

Who cares really its fun :P
Following my last post about blogging for American Bazaar I figure I would post some of their items that they currently have out for different events!
✎The first one is from XYROOM which starts october 1st to 25th
✎The second one is from Tropicalia Bazaar

… pictures and clothes are below the cut (Oh yes im tryin to be fancy with my blog :P)

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#21. ABBH hunt, and a little bit of news :)

I dont blog every item I see on a hunt (seriously with some of the hunts having 150+ stores i would be permanently glued to the computer!!) just the ones that have items that appeal to me and are easy to take photographs off!! When blogging about clothes and things like that I dont tend to put lots of backgrounds and special effects to it cause I dont want to take focus away from the outfits :)

Right here we gooooo:

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Hair: Truth // Mila // Blood
Skin: Lionheart // Decembrice // Pout
Dress: [femme] cocktail dress // ABBH HUNT GIFT (free)

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Hair: Magika // josie // color pack
Outfit: ::J:: StyleZ:: Mel // AABH HUNT GIFT (free)

Hair: Magika // Ki // Red Pack
Top: Reale // Front tiw bolero // beige/red
Bottom: Msn Design // Black Jeans ABBH HUNT GIFT (free)

News: Got accepted as a blogger for American Bazaar :-) Excited!!!

#20. Sorry for the break but back on track! =D

It was my birthday on wednesday! So I was away celebrating but its now friday and im back on track! Took this photograph on Wednesday so I could have something to post quickly when I came back while I sort through all the notices n stuff (gah so many can be sent in a 3 day window!!!)

Just wanted to say that I LOVE THESE BOOTS. I have them in pink and pewter and they are so GODDAMN sexy BUT they are a bitch and a pain to re size!! But im my honest opinion they are so worth it!!!Theyre so cute :D They are from the same people that make the Doc Boots that Ive posted about here (which i have in both silver and purple!!) Such a boot whore :D ANYWAY back to the picture :-)

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Clothing Info:
Hair: Truth // Sylvia // Auburn
Skin: Plastik // Lionheart // Tale
Dress: Moloko // ABBH HUNT GIFT (free)
Jacket: Grasp // Leather Jacket / Womens
Boots: [Gos] GTFO Boot // Bubblegum /// Female

Expect a post later today with more info!! (While I was writing this an idea for the blog popped into my head :D More infos later!

#18. My, my what a mess we’ve made

The Macabre Hunt (2011)

Hair: Truth // Sasha // Blood
Skin: Plastik // Wear Me // Macabre hunt – TMH GIFT (FREE)
Tattoos: Plastik // Macabre // Tattoo / Blood Face // Full // TMH GIFT (free)
Eyes: Repulse // Bozo Eyes // TMH GIFT (free)

The Macabre Hunt (2011)

Hair: Truth // Cleo // Blood
Skin: Plastik // Wear Me // Macabre hunt – TMH GIFT (FREE)
Tattoo: Macabre // Tattoo // Bloody Hands – TMH GIFT (FREE)
Top: .:Lil’Lace:.black tank (plain)
Jeans:: :SZD: PopStar Jeans

The Macabre Hunt (2011)

Skin: Lionheart // Tale // Bare
Jeans: ! .[PETRICHOR]. – Circus Jeans (TMH GIFT – FREE)
Boots: kboots

#17. Save yourself the pain and go away

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Skin: LAQ nellie (02) Nougat
Shorts: (left: bubble cutt off teal shorts ) (right: bubble cutt of shorts pink) ABBH HUNT GIFT – FREE

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Hair: Magika // Ki // Red Pack
Skin: LAQ // Nellie // Nougat // 02
Top: Lillia Top // Yellow // ABBH HUNT GIFT (free)
Jeans: Holli Pocket // Skribbles Ripples Jeans // Charcoal // ABBH HUNT GIFT (free)

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Hair: Truth // Milla // Sangria
Skin: LAQ // Nellie // Nougat // 02
Make UP: Girl Life Mainstore // Smoky Eyes // ABBH GIFT – FREE

#16. Fallen & Depraved

Fallen and Depraved Hunt: Back to one of my fave hunts :~) Seems to be more urban grunge stuff which I like to wear alot of the time :) Plus I like getting things from hunts that you can wear day to day and it doesnt have to be a special occasion or holiday before you can wear it :~)

Fallen & Depraved Hunt (2011)

hair: truth // nadine 2 // grape
skin: lionheart //tale // bare
top: Femme Fetale // Haunted Girls Tank // FALLEN AND DEPRAVED HUNT GIFT

Fallen & Depraved Hunt (2011)

hair: magika // Sneaky // Chocolate // Discount Fatpack
skin: lionheart //tale // bare
top + bottoms: Eminence // RockSmith Army Camo Cargo // FALLEN AND DEPRAVED HUNT GIFT

Fallen & Depraved Hunt (2011)

Hair: Magika // Sandara // Color Pack
skin: lionheart //tale // bare
T-Shirt: ::Fe:: Unisex Gift // Fallen and Depraved Hunt Gift

#15. Thank god you’re heart is too closed

Got a little bit bored today :~P So did some of the American Bazaar Birthday Hunt.. up to No. 100 now :~) So went through some of the items that I got today and came up with 3 pictures :) I love getting free tattoos cause well.. I love tattoos and hate spending money :~P

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

hair: maitreya / lotus // pecan
skin: lionheart / tale // bare
top + skirt: – Kiwi // Live set // ABBH GIFT

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Hair: Truth // Cady // Upper // Walnut
Skin: Lionheart // Tale // Bare
Tattoos: Amnesia Tattoo – ABBH GIFT
Top: HoliPoli // Tied Up // Tank Top Gray
Shorts: Seldom Blue / Pearl Denim Shorts // Lilac

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (2011)

Hair: Truth // Cassandra // Carrot
Glasses: Yellow Berry / 80’s sunglasses // shiny
Skin: Imabee: Stigma // umeko // cotton candy


I love the glasses from Yellow Berry!! They are color change and come with about 50 differnet colors so you can mix them with whatever outfit you are wearing :~)

#14. Artilleri

Its not often that i find a store.. that if i had unlimited lindens… I would shop in till I had EVERYTHING. Only has happened when Magika released their new collection and I stumbled across Ducknipple! Well I am really pleased to say that it happened tonight :~D Artilleri is a store that speciliases in rockabilly outfit and it is just sooo lovely… here is a few outfits from that I bought tonight (swear I could have bought alot more!!)

This dress is so pretty and cute and ahhh I love it!! Also thought blonde hair would go well with it so it got me to wear this cute blonde style by magika :~)

Hair: magika // veruka // blonde pack
Skin: Imabee // Stigma // Umeko // Cotton Candy
Eye Make up: Damned // Tribal Make Up
Dress: Artilleri // Carrie // Red
poses: croire


hair: truth // marnie // bubblegum
Skin: Imabee // Stigma // Umeko // Cotton Candy
Top: Artilleri // Carlita // Teal
Shorts: Artilleri // Johanna / Highwait Shorts // Grey
Eye Make up: Damned // Tribal Make Up

#13. i’ve been waiting for this moment all my life

Sorry I have been very not here the last couple of days :-) RL got in the way!!

Only 2  new photographs for you this time ;-)
Bit early but oh well

This one was for a photography competition inworld :-)
This next one is an item from the twisted hunt … very awesome tattoo!!!
Twisted Hunt (2011) LOVE ZOMBIE
Skin: Lionheart // Tale// Bare // Pout
Shorts: DeeTaleZ Pants lowrider Shorts (Red)
Tattoo: Love Zombie twisted hunt gift